Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Under Pressure: Migraines vs. Muckdogs

Earlier this summer, Paige and Nate took swimming lessons with a local rec program. One of the big events that the rec will do is go to a Batavia Muckdogs baseball game on a Tuesday night; every Tuesday the Muckdogs are home, the first 50 kids in the gate are free, and they try to arrange it so they go the night that the kids will eat free as well.

Unfortunately this year, our kids were miserable the day of that game, so we were unable to go. It didn't help that it was extremely humid and over 90 degrees that day, either!

The next available date we'd be able to go was last night, and the pressure was really on for all of us to be healthy and have great attitudes as it was the last Tuesday home game for the season. The kids had great attitudes all day. They were healthy. Only one problem:

Mommy had a migraine.

I don't get migraines often. I usually get one a month, and that's about it. So to get one Monday night was extremely unusual. It was even more unusual that it didn't go away after getting a decent night's sleep. Pete had a commitment yesterday morning, so I was home alone with the three kids. Usually they're monsters for me, but they played nicely together! All three of them rested well, which is even rarer than my migraines!

I was stressing because we really wanted to go to the baseball game, and the only thing holding us back was my headache. Nothing was working; my usual stand bys are chocolate and caffeine (cause they're yummy, so they come first!). If those don't work, I'll try a nap (I was passed out for THREE HOURS. I don't remember the last time I took a three hour nap!!!!). Then Tylenol (didn't even touch it). And if that doesn't work, Mommy just keeps to herself and has Daddy take over.

Eventually my head started to feel a little better around dinner, but my stomach was still off. The nap helped me be able to see without everything being blurry, but I was still really out of it. The kids kept asking me with big pleading eyes if we were going to the baseball game. What's a Mommy to do?

We packed up and went to the game.

Happy to be at the game!
Homer, the Muckdogs' mascot

We had a lot of fun; I was still a little out of it, but I'm glad we went. Watching the games always drive me nuts; I played softball for 7 years and was an assistant for an additional year due to physical issues, and playing softball was a passion of mine. As you notice from the pictures, the only pictures of Muckdog players are center field and 1st base players; that was done unintentionally, but those were the positions I played, so I'm biased to those being the best places to be!

First baseman catching a foul ball

Center fielder up to bat; I loved how low his stance was!

It was really confusing as both teams were wearing red jerseys and either white or pale gray pants; the kids were trying to root for the Muckdogs, but were rooting for both teams. At least they have good sportsmanship, right? 
Ryan loved the game!

Last year when we went, we left about halfway through the game (I think it was around the 5th inning). The Muckdogs were safely in the lead (it was like 8-0 or something crazy like that), and the kids were exhausted. This year we left as the 9th inning was ending; it was 9:30 (3 hours after the kids go to bed), and the kids were getting antsy. The game was tied at 2 runs each, so it drove me crazy not knowing who was going to win! According to the Batavia newspaper this morning, the Muckdogs lost 4-2 in the 10th inning.

Striking out a Spike player :)

The Batavia Muckdogs are a minor league team affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals. All of their operations are run by the Rochester Red Wings. Last night's game was against the State College Spikes (also the team we saw them play last year), an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Have you done anything fun with friends or family lately?

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  1. Sounds like fun! I'm glad you were able to make it despite the headache.