Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Carpet!

When our realtor said that we should seriously consider replacing the carpet in the master bedroom, small bedroom and hallway, I have to admit I cringed.

I know, the carpets are old, stained, ripped, and just very sad looking. Just cleaning them up and trying a patch job probably wouldn't cut it. They are 23+ years old, after all!

But how much money were we going to have to spend to get it looking pretty? And was the money spent on new carpet going to have a good return of investment? While we do have some money set aside to fix up the house to sell it, I don't really want to dump a ton of money into the house, either.

The Thursday of Spring Break we actually went to a local furniture and flooring place to look at carpet and talk about getting an estimate. They did our church's flooring (which turned out great), so we knew they'd do a really nice job for us.

When we told the sales guy that we were looking for new carpet for selling our house, he showed us a sample of what their most popular carpet for situations like this was. Apparently they can't keep it in stock because it's so popular, and the sales guy even has it in his spare bedroom at his house. To quote the sales guy: "This carpet sells houses!"

I am not a huge carpet fan, but let me just tell you, I fell in love with this carpet. It is the perfect tan color with hints of dark brown in it. It's light enough to keep a room bright, yet dark enough to hide dirt, and the dark specks of brown will help hide lint and things in between cleanings. It's soft, yet super affordable.

And the best part? It's name is 'Cookie Dough'. That right there was the selling point for me! (I know, I'm weird...).

While the sales guy was writing up the estimation appointment order, Ryan was leaning his head on it, and Paige and Nate kept reaching over to pet it. I think they liked it, too!

The estimation appointment was actually scheduled for the following day (woo hoo!), but the guy was a no show. We waited and waited as we knew he had had another appointment, so maybe it was going late. Finally, Pete called in the early afternoon, and the guy was there but hadn't noticed a new appointment on his schedule. Oops! He came right out though, and was only here for a few minutes getting his measurements. He said he'd have an estimate on Monday (it was Easter weekend and he'd be away all weekend), but ended up calling us back that night with our estimate! We accepted it as the number was a lot prettier than we thought it would be, and the installation appointment was scheduled!

Well, today installation day! We opted to do the ripping out of the old carpet ourselves to save us a few dollars, so Pete, Paige, Ryan, and I tag teamed that on Sunday after church. With all four of us working, we were able to get it all out and cleaned up in two and a half hours! Not bad at all! Ryan loved helping so much that he says he hopes the new house has carpet so he can do it all over again.

We're glad that it was only a two day wait before the installation. All of our bedroom things (except the bed) moved into the living room, and all of Paige's things were in the dining room! Mozzie loved it, though, as he got to explore the tops of the bookcases for the first time.

The installers arrived at 9:30 this morning, and by 10 they had the tack strips and padding all down! They did have to leave for a little bit as they were double booked for today, but they still managed to finish everything by 2:15. That is super impressive, especially because they had the massive loft bed in Paige's room that had to be lifted and worked around.

The Loft Bed of Doom had to be lifted over the roll!!!
We are soooo happy with the new carpet! I wish we had done it earlier, just for us. It just makes the house feel so much nicer, it is so soft under our feet, and it's just so pretty. We're also really impressed because we had some issues with where the carpet meets up with the laminate flooring in a couple places (the laminate was the issue, not the carpet), and they totally fixed it for us.

I'm waiting to see who ends up sleeping on the floor tonight; Paige asked if she could sleep on her floor tonight (would have let her if she didn't have an early day tomorrow), and Ry has been known to sleep in the hallway. They've all been rolling around on it or just cuddling it this afternoon, so I'm sure someone will be on it when we get up in the morning!

Or maybe I won't have to wait until morning as someone's already camped out:

BIG NEWS! With the carpet install, we have our first room completely ready for selling!!!! WOO HOO!!! Okay, so it's just the hallway, but still, one is ready!!!!

No, Ry isn't sleeping in this picture, he just didn't want to have his picture taken again! But the hall is so pretty without chips in the walls, it's new art work, sparkling clean trim and doors, and of course, new carpet that doesn't have a huge hole in it!

Now we just have to pick out the new counter top, and we'll have yet another big project ready to go. I'm hoping the weather will continue to cooperate as there's a lot of outdoor work that needs to be done. And of course, the perfect house has to come on the market for us, too!

I hope you all are doing well! I'll be putting up more posts soon from last week, the kid's spring concert, and a completed room reveal, so stay tuned! :)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

What a Week!

This week was a little different for us.

Paige was home every day with the boys as her play was over, which made our afternoons so much less stressful as we weren't travelling back and forth multiple times a day.

I also babysat three days this week: Tuesday was my friend's two kiddos while she had a doctors appointment, Wednesday was my honorary nieces, and Saturday was our friend's little boy while they had a conference all day. It was sooo nice getting my little kid fix in!

Building houses on Tuesday with some littles!

There were a lot of random and fun things thrown into our week as well:

We had a beautiful sunset one night...

My shipment of The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse Book 3 The Wrong Direction came in...

I started photographing newly made jewelry with a new set up for my Etsy store...

Ryan and I played Rummy....

...lots and lots of Rummy (he was home sick on Thursday)...

The boys got their summer hair cuts, leaving a small hair creature on the floor....

I got to see Nate's art work on display at school...

Each letter of his name is made up of a different animal!

I got bit by the one toothed vampire (routine blood work, nothing to worry about!)...

we started working on prepping our garden beds for the year...

and Mason looooved having little kids in the house all week! Yes, he chose to lay in the pile of toys rather than the clear spot on the rug!!!! Such a silly pupper.

This next week should be a little different as well. I have a doctor's appointment, the kids have their spring concert, I'm volunteering in Ry's class, I'm helping at the library in preparation for our open house Saturday, and then other normal activities/house projects fit in as well.

What have you been up to this past week? What are you looking forward to this upcoming week?

Monday, April 24, 2017

House Hunting Update

Many of you have been asking how the house hunt is going, so I figured I'd give a little update:

It's at a standstill.

There isn't much on the market right now in the area we're looking, so we're waiting and attempting patience as we hope and pray that the housing market picks up soon.

In the meantime, it gives us time to work on our ever growing to do list. I swear, every time I cross something off of our list, three more things get added.

We can see the progress, though!

Walls are getting patched and paint touch ups...

...our new front door was installed...

...new counter tops are being planned and hopefully supplies are being purchased soon...

...bathrooms are getting repainted (even though they weren't supposed to *sigh*)...

...closets are getting cleaned out...

...and the house is getting a much needed deep cleaning.

I was really bummed out yesterday. The weather was GORGEOUS and I was going to work on painting the front porch and having the kiddos paint the fence. However, my body thought it would be a GREAT day for a migraine, so I was at home on the couch for most of the day. I apparently needed the rest as I feel so much better, but I did make some super yummy soup for dinner last night!

A few of the rooms are almost finished in the house, so I hope to have some "selling ready" reveals soon :) I'll keep you updated here and on Facebook with house hunting progress, I promise :)

Have you been working on any house projects lately?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Doctor, Where Are My Goats?


No, we did not get goats...or lose anyone else's goats. Although, I'd love to get a goat someday, but that's a different post altogether.

Doctor, Where Are My Goats? was the 5th and 6th grade play/musical that Paige performed in this past week. One of the 5th grade teachers wrote it, and let me just say that it was so funny, well written, and York has a great group of amazingly talented kids!

Before the early performance :)

The play took place at St. Peter's Hospital, a medical facility that had no patient deaths in almost an entire year. This was mostly in part to the massive stacks of paperwork that needed to be completed before being seen, paperwork that would take days to fill out. Most people didn't want to fill it out, and others would feel better by the time they completed the paperwork.


 The governor heard about their track record, and decides she needed to pay them a visit. The staff starts preparing for the visit, but before the governor could arrive, a hillbilly family arrived needing medical attention for their goats who would faint whenever they got scared. The goats escaped, and were running loose all over the hospital. 
Hospital staff

Hillbillies and goats!

Meanwhile, Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and The Monster are at the hospital in disguise. They need more body parts to complete The Monster, but as no patients have died in 362 days, they are frustrated! They end up putting in a call to an old friend to come in and help them, but FBI agents show up hunting them down, so they go into hiding at the hospital.

Igor, The Monster, and Dr. Frankenstein

And if all of that wasn't crazy enough, poachers show up to capture the goats! And then game wardens show up to capture the poachers!

The Game Wardens. They were hysterical!

Dr. Frankenstein's friend shows up, and it's Dracula! He has to dress up and pretend he's Vinny from FedEx, and they ask him suck the blood from people around the hospital so they can have body parts to complete The Monster. But the plan doesn't go as they had hoped, and now a small army of vampires are running around loose at the hospital, just adding to the chaos:

Putting their plan into action

Vinny from FedEx taking staff to get their delivery (aka his lunch!)

They're not dead, they're vampires!

Finally, the goats are captured by announcing that there is paperwork available for them to eat in the hospital lobby. The wardens captured the poachers, and even though the head poacher has escaped, he is quickly brought in as well. The FBI agents have also brought in Dr. Frankenstein, and all seems to be back to normal. However, The Monster has died, and everyone is worried that the hospital's track record will be ruined. They discover that as The Monster had never filled out the paperwork, he wasn't a patient, and therefore didn't count against their perfect record.

Yummy paperwork!

Captured poachers!

The Monster is dead, is their track record ruined?

Paige played the reporter who tagged along with the governor, and she really had a lot of fun. She was a little stressed the last couple days of rehearsal as she was supposed to have a camerawoman, but the girl who was going to play that part dropped out on Wednesday due to a scheduling conflict for the day of the performances. The director had to rewrite Paige's part, and she only had a couple days to learn her new lines. We were impressed with how Paige had handled everything and really kept her composure with it all, and after talking to the director after the evening performance, he was equally impressed with her. 

Paigey can't wait until the fall when she can participate in the middle and high school musical (they did The Little Mermaid this year!), and Nate really wants to do the 5th and 6th grade play next year, too. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Snow Day" Fun: Museum and Lunch

Last week the hubby and kiddos had Spring Break. We spent most of the week working on house hunting and projects, but squeezed some fun in as well. We also had a bonus vacation day: because the school only used 2 of their allotted snow days, everyone was given the Monday after Easter off as well! Woo hoo! After all of our hard work the previous week, we decided that we needed to have a family fun day.

We surprised the kids by taking them to the Buffalo Museum of Science. We have a membership, but hadn't used it here; Pete and I used it in New York City for our 10th anniversary in October at the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space museum, though! We had sooo much fun, and I took a bazillion pictures and movies. I'm trying to limit how many I share, so please bear with me if it seems overwhelming!

Me, being the nerd that I am, had to wear my super awesome space leggings:

We were greeted by this friendly guy!

The kids took turns trying to get the rocket to go all the way to the ceiling. They had to pull a lever back and forth to build up the pressure, and then there was a button to push to release the pressure and send the rocket up in the air. They never got it to ring, but they did get pretty close!

This guy cracked me up!


My little paleontologists!

I'm such a goon. Like seriously, I was giggling forEVER because this sounded like one of the ridiculous names people call Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!

"Cumberland Monkeyface"

Me and my favorite kind of dino!

This thing is a fish skull! It is HUGE. Totally could have swallowed me up easily. It made us think about Jonah being swallowed up by a big fish!

Ry playing the world's largest playable guitar in the guitar exhibit:

Paigey practicing her surgeon skills! She had to control thread the rope through eyelets, and let me just tell you, it is NOT as easy as it looks!

This was really cool. You put your hands on the bar, and it would tell you your heart rate and then the glowing heart would light up, pulsing along with your heart!

I loved this little visual. Growing up I thought that there were little men operating an elevator, taking the food from your mouth to your stomach, so this just made me feel not as silly ;)

Building cars and racing them!

Paigey building towers, trying to see if they would withstand earthquake forces:

Daddy treated us to one of the 3D National Geographic movies! We saw "Asteriod", and it was pretty amazing what astronauts are working on now and in the future. Then we find out that a big asteroid was coming "close" to earth afterwards? It was so cool talking about what we had learned and why the astronauts weren't worried about it.

It was really nice that we went on a day where most kids were in school. The place was pretty deserted, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves most of the morning. We didn't mind that the kids would run off to explore as long as they were in the same room because it was so empty; that's one nice thing about them getting older, not having to watch them every single second!

There was sooo much else that we did, but I can't get the videos to play in here :( I may upload them all to YouTube and then do another blog post on it. We also weren't able to get to the fourth floor; they're working on putting in a new exhibit (all astronomy!), so we're definitely going to have to go back for that. 

After the museum, we went to Applebee's for lunch. Pete was given a gift card there from his swim team as a thank you for coaching them, so this was a really nice way to finish off our family fun time!

Ry and I played tic-tac-toe....

Nate loooved his chicken mac and cheese and steamed broccoli...

...and this was the "pretty" face I got from Paigey! She just wanted to get back to eating, silly girl!

It was a great way to end our vacation and celebrate all of our hard work. We are definitely looking forward to going back soon!

What is your favorite museum?