Friday, March 29, 2013

Yay for Productivity!

This week not only did I have energy to get things done, but I had the time, patience and ambition to get the projects accomplished as well! Because I was busy doing things around here, I haven't had time to blog usual....

Here's what I did (some things with help):

On Tuesday, preschool was cancelled and I had no babysitting kids during the day. Amazing! Ryan and I went and did some much needed grocery shopping, and when I got home, I couldn't fit everything into our baking cupboard:

So messy!

I couldn't take the cupboard looking like this anymore (I could barely find things without being attacked by something else!), so I emptied it all out, got rid of some very outdated things (sugar sprinkles from when I was still living at my parent's house? Eek!) or things that had gone bad (rock hard marshmallows), and put some things in better containers:

So much better!

Now I can bake and not have to search for a long time for anything...and I can see what we have (who really needs 7 things of baking powder???)

On Wednesday, I had no babysitting kids during the day again (wow!). So I tackled our master bedroom closet...


It doesn't help that in the picture I still had baby things out from Monday.

Man, I'm lazy.

But anyway, we have a nice sized closet, but it tends to get filled with things that have no other place to go: pictures than needed to be hung up somewhere, a box of things for Pete to go through, items to be put on Craigslist, etc. etc. etc.)

I pulled everything out of the closet that was on the shelf or the floor and sorted through it all; most of it is either in new places or waiting to go down to the basement. I got rid of some of my clothes and made an shopping list for some clothes to replace what I got rid of.

I also took down the closet curtain; it's actually a shower curtain that matches our room, but isn't quite big enough to fit across the whole door. I bought another one, so I'm going to cut them down to fit better, rehang them, and then use the scraps to either make a cushion for the chest at the end of our bed or a couple throw pillows for the bed.

Here's the end result:

Much better, don't you think? The brown baskets help, I think. They now hold off season shoes, mending, and gifts for upcoming events. I found them at the grocery store for less than $5 a piece, and they're nice and big, too! Gotta love clearance items :)

Today, Pete helped me do a project for the boys:

Yay for bunk beds!

I think they like their beds bunked!

What a silly face!

Ryan, who usually we usually play "bedtime whack-a-mole" with put himself down for a nap and then slept almost 3 hours! It also helps we've been up multiple times the past two nights as spring is coming, aka his allergies are awful and he's having trouble breathing.

My monkey boy!

Paigey's been struggling this past week trying to figure out what she was going to do for Ry's birthday next week. She wanted to make him something, but couldn't decide on anything. I was working on a birthday project for Ryan yesterday, and came across some Lightning McQueen fabric we had on hand for him. I showed Paigey, and we decided to have her make a pillow for him! It was her first sewing lesson, and she did a great job!

So proud of her creation for Ryan!

She did most of the cutting, all the measuring, and helped me run the fabric through the sewing machine. Her next project is recovering some of her old pillows to match her blue room, and she can't wait!

I've also been trying out a ton of new breakfast recipes. A huge thanks to all of you who sent me recipes; feel free to keep them coming if you think of anything else! I'll do a post soon with what we've tried so far and our reviews on them.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. What grocery store were those totes on sale at?

    1. Aldi. I got the last 4 at the Batavia store.

  2. You should be a professional organizer. WOW I need your skills. hah