Monday, May 6, 2013

Two Weeks?!?

Has it really been over two weeks since my last post???


If you haven't guessed, we've been busy:

- We went over to Pete's sister's house and helped her and her hubby tear up their backyard and reseed it. It's going to be perfect for my niece to play in when it grows!

- Pete and I had a movie date with our friends. We went over to their house for brunch and we finished up the Lord of the Rings trilogy with 'Return of the King' (extended version, aka 4+ hours of movie!). It was so much fun hanging out with a group of our friends eating waaayyy too much good food!

- My nephew was here for four days and three nights! It was lots of fun...but weird having to worry about changing diapers regularly again.

- The stomach bug invaded our family. Again. Paige was sick with it starting a week ago yesterday, and had a fever until Tuesday night, so she didn't go back to school until Thursday last week. I had a touch of the bug Tuesday night, but was fine by Wednesday at lunch time. Nate got sick on the bus coming home on Wednesday, and is still exhausted, but his stomach's been fine since Friday morning. Ryan got it Thursday night, was fine by lunch time on Friday, and then came down with it again yesterday afternoon. Ugh. Thankfully Pete hasn't gotten it, but he wasn't looking too good this morning. He thinks it's just his allergies making him feel off, but we'll see when he gets home this afternoon.

- Pete and I had a movie date Friday night. I felt like a terrible mom, going out and having a date while my kids were recovering from being sick, but they were in very capable hands at my in-law's house (my father in law is a nurse). The kids were fine the whole time, so that helped me not feel too guilty! We went to the drive in to see Iron Man 3 with our friends Stephen and Vanessa, Pete's brother Derrick, and our pastor and his wife. We didn't have time for mini-golf during this visit, but I got some much needed one on one girl time with Vanessa while we waited for the movie to begin. The movie was awesome; if you like super hero movies, go see it!!!! It was better than the second movie; although part of it was disappointing, I think it was at least as good as the first one. On the way home from the theater, we found a truck flipped over in a ditch. I called 911 and Pete and Stephen helped break the two people out of the truck as their doors were stuck. They were fine, just bumps and bruises. We were thankful we were there to help until the police and fire department showed up.

- On Saturday we had our church's monthly prayer breakfast. Pete and I met up with his dad and the kids and helped cook. Nate and I ended up leaving during breakfast as he wanted to come home and sleep, and Pete, Paigey and Ry met up with us here later after helping do some yard work. I went over to a friend's house to help her paint for a few hours, and then after coming home we spent time outside working on the yard and playing.

So that's what we've been up to lately. We haven't made any of the decisions that are still hanging heavily over our heads, but we should hopefully have some answers in the next couple weeks. I still have to do Ryan's birthday party post, and then I should be almost up to date with things. Here's hoping life will settle down enough that I can post at least twice a week :)

What have you been up to lately?

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