Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun

Halloween is always a fairly low key event in our house.

This year felt more involved for me as I got to go in and volunteer in Ryan's class room on Friday. It was a lot of shoe tying, costume velcro closing, and mask putting on, but I really had fun.

I dressed up as an artist
for helping at school

There was a luncheon and concert for senior citizens, so Ryan got to sing for them and Paige got to play a few songs with the middle school band. The students also went on a parade around for all the seniors to see them, and as kindergarten was the first class in, Ryan and I got to lead the parade.

Waiting to go in for the concert

Kindergarten and first grade singing while
the middle school band waits to play

Ryan was in charge of snack that day for the party, so we had fun creating themed food that was easy to eat (ideas courtesy of Pinterest, of course!).

Jack o lantern mandarin orange cups

Bat pudding cups

Saturday was Halloween, and the kids had spent the night at their grandparent's house. We picked them up, then had to run to an art gallery in Dansville and pick up some of my art from an exhibit. The kids hadn't seen it hanging yet, and Paige was really excited to see it up!

We don't go trick or treating any more. For the past few years, we've given the kids the option of trick or treating in town or just going next door to our pastor's house, getting a bag of whatever candy they want from the store, and having a movie night. We started offering this choice the first year our friends in town moved away (we'd trick or treat with them) and it was supposed to rain. Every year, the kids choose movie night!

Nate was Aragorn from
Lord of the Rings
Paige was Radagast the Brown
Wizard from The Hobbit

This year the kids brought home a ton of candy from school, and as they knew our pastor and his wife always give them a ton of candy, they decided they didn't need an entire bag from the store each. They ended up requesting individual candy bars from the check out line at the store (Kit Kat for Ry, Snickers for Nate, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for Paige).

It barely fit him, so he's asking me
to make a new one that fits better!
Ryan was Toothless again
for the second year in a row!

The kids were very thankful we chose movie night rather than trick or treating as when we went next door, it was raining. Bowls of home made soup while watching Hotel Transylvania was much more enjoyable than being out in the rain!

What did you do to celebrate Halloween? Does your family have any traditions?


  1. Apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert! :)

    1. THE BEST!!! I was thinking about making some this year, but time just got away from me :(