Sunday, April 23, 2017

Doctor, Where Are My Goats?


No, we did not get goats...or lose anyone else's goats. Although, I'd love to get a goat someday, but that's a different post altogether.

Doctor, Where Are My Goats? was the 5th and 6th grade play/musical that Paige performed in this past week. One of the 5th grade teachers wrote it, and let me just say that it was so funny, well written, and York has a great group of amazingly talented kids!

Before the early performance :)

The play took place at St. Peter's Hospital, a medical facility that had no patient deaths in almost an entire year. This was mostly in part to the massive stacks of paperwork that needed to be completed before being seen, paperwork that would take days to fill out. Most people didn't want to fill it out, and others would feel better by the time they completed the paperwork.


 The governor heard about their track record, and decides she needed to pay them a visit. The staff starts preparing for the visit, but before the governor could arrive, a hillbilly family arrived needing medical attention for their goats who would faint whenever they got scared. The goats escaped, and were running loose all over the hospital. 
Hospital staff

Hillbillies and goats!

Meanwhile, Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and The Monster are at the hospital in disguise. They need more body parts to complete The Monster, but as no patients have died in 362 days, they are frustrated! They end up putting in a call to an old friend to come in and help them, but FBI agents show up hunting them down, so they go into hiding at the hospital.

Igor, The Monster, and Dr. Frankenstein

And if all of that wasn't crazy enough, poachers show up to capture the goats! And then game wardens show up to capture the poachers!

The Game Wardens. They were hysterical!

Dr. Frankenstein's friend shows up, and it's Dracula! He has to dress up and pretend he's Vinny from FedEx, and they ask him suck the blood from people around the hospital so they can have body parts to complete The Monster. But the plan doesn't go as they had hoped, and now a small army of vampires are running around loose at the hospital, just adding to the chaos:

Putting their plan into action

Vinny from FedEx taking staff to get their delivery (aka his lunch!)

They're not dead, they're vampires!

Finally, the goats are captured by announcing that there is paperwork available for them to eat in the hospital lobby. The wardens captured the poachers, and even though the head poacher has escaped, he is quickly brought in as well. The FBI agents have also brought in Dr. Frankenstein, and all seems to be back to normal. However, The Monster has died, and everyone is worried that the hospital's track record will be ruined. They discover that as The Monster had never filled out the paperwork, he wasn't a patient, and therefore didn't count against their perfect record.

Yummy paperwork!

Captured poachers!

The Monster is dead, is their track record ruined?

Paige played the reporter who tagged along with the governor, and she really had a lot of fun. She was a little stressed the last couple days of rehearsal as she was supposed to have a camerawoman, but the girl who was going to play that part dropped out on Wednesday due to a scheduling conflict for the day of the performances. The director had to rewrite Paige's part, and she only had a couple days to learn her new lines. We were impressed with how Paige had handled everything and really kept her composure with it all, and after talking to the director after the evening performance, he was equally impressed with her. 

Paigey can't wait until the fall when she can participate in the middle and high school musical (they did The Little Mermaid this year!), and Nate really wants to do the 5th and 6th grade play next year, too. 

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