Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Master Bedroom Reveal

We have one room fully finished and ready for selling! Woo hoo!!!!

Welcome to our master bedroom!

I love this room so much. The calming and relaxing blue on the walls, the new carpet, the large window that looks out to the front trees, the large closet....our next bedroom has a lot to live up to!

This room was fairly easy to get ready. The windows had already been replaced in October of 2015, so it was just to finish painting the trim around the window, touching up paint, replacing the carpet, and deep cleaning.

The bedroom is right off of the living room, and also has it's own full bathroom. The closet is about 10" wide, with two little nooks of hidden closet space tucked in the corners.

Shoe shelves in a closet nook
The bedroom is approximately 12"x13" in size, for over 150 square feet of space, not including the closet!

A lot of the other rooms are just about ready as well. They mostly just need a few things like touching up paint, fixing trim, and a little more decluttering. The biggest project left is actually the counters in the kitchen which we hope to be doing this weekend!

What is your favorite color for bedroom walls? We're planning on doing this color again in the new house as well :)

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