Saturday, August 5, 2017

New House Inspiration: Master Bedroom

Our next new house room inspiration is our master bedroom!

This room might not be as exciting as the other bedroom reveals. We're basically just taking our current bedroom and mostly reproducing it with a few slight changes.

Our bedroom has two windows, one faces south and the other west. It's smaller than our current bedroom at 11' x 12' (instead of 12' x 13'), which isn't horrible but will take some getting used to. It's very similar to Paige's new room in size and pretty much the mirror image of it. I think the biggest change that we're going to have to get used to is no attached master bathroom :(

We absolutely love the wall color we have now. I was a little nervous about going dark again as my research with small bedrooms usually has lighter colored walls. I didn't want the room to look super tiny because it's so small, so I kept looking and looking...

...until I found this image! I love how cozy it is, even with the really dark walls. The white accents really help keep it bright, so I'm hoping our lighter bedspread will help with that.

Our bed is going to go in front of a window (our only option), and I wasn't sure about that until I found this image. I'll hang the curtains above and wider than the window to make it more grand feeling. Not sure if we'll keep the curtain color as dark brown or do something lighter, though. Thoughts?

I really liked the mirrors behind the lamps to help distribute the light. We don't have a ceiling light in our room (we'll add a fan/light at some point), so the more light we can get the better!

The carpet is also getting ripped up in our room, but I'm loving the idea of having an area rug! I think most of my master bedroom Pinterest board had area rugs. I'd like something with some length to it. I've been crushing on a sheepskin one at IKEA, but I don't know if it'd be big enough.

I may have to get a new dresser because mine is short and wide, and I'm not sure how well it will fit in the room. I told Pete that getting matching medium height ones would be nice like this with at least one table lamp and maybe a computer monitor/small tv for when we watch movies or tv in bed. I liked this set up a lot!

Our closet is still going to be a nice size, but it's definitely smaller than our current one. I'm totally going to have shelves be put up in one end (if not both!) again. They're so helpful and make better use of the dead space in the closet! Plus my shoes need a home ;)

It's kind of nice knowing that our bedroom is going to be the same. We absolutely love our current room, so why change what isn't broken? We just have to decide on curtains and an area rug!

What color curtains or rug would you do for a dark teal room?


  1. I LOVE your plans and inspiration photos. Lovely. Putting your bed in front of the window and the darker walls reminded me of this post I'd seen on The Inspired Room.

    Yours is going to looks great, too! And so cozy. I'd probably vote for silver or darker teal curtains and then a soft rug. 😊

    1. Oh my word, I LOVE their bedroom! Perfect inspiration for our room! Thank you for sharing, my friend <3

      I love the thought of a darker teal curtain! We're not really ones who will decorate with silver, but maybe a goldish color would be luxurious and amazing! I hadn't thought of going in that direction! And yes, a soft rug! Must convince the hubby ;)