Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Because of a Soldier's Sacrifice

As I was marching in our tiny Memorial Day parade yesterday with my kids, I was thinking about what the day is really about; it's not about the unofficial start to summer, the picnics, the barbecues. It's about the sacrifices that men and women have given so I can be free. It hit me harder this year as only a few short weeks ago I received word that one of my childhood friends, Andrew, was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan a year and a half ago. Many of my family members and friends have served or are currently serving in various branches of the military, and this post is for them.

Because of a soldier's sacrifice...

...we are able to walk our streets without fear, waving our flags with pride

Nate making faces while waiting to start marching
...we are able to gather and pray openly in public

Getting ready to head into the cemetary
Going into the cemetary for the memorial service

...my daughter has the freedom to show her face, her arms, her legs and not have to be completely covered

Her new bracelet from Daddy's trip to NYC

...my children can wear clothes that express their individuality

Avengers t-shirt from NYC! Thanks Daddy!!!

Ry's shirt says "Center of Attention"

...my children can play outside and feel safe

Playing in the octopus sprinkler

They figured out how to direct the water

Being silly

...my children can dream, imagine, and live

Building with his Pirate Legos!

Reading about Felicity
Soldiers may not have paid the ultimate sacrifice for you, but they sacrifice things we take for granted, such as seeing their children every day, a full night's sleep in a soft bed, or walking down the road unburdened by heavy gear.

Have you thanked a soldier today? I'd like to challenge you to thank a soldier whenever you may meet one, not just around Memorial Day or Veteran's Day, but every day!

In memory of Air Force Staff Sgt. Andrew S. Bubacz, who was killed in the line of duty on November 12, 2010. Gone, but never forgotten.