Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daddyless weekend, Part 3: A quiet day

It was our last day without Pete here, and here's what we did:

We slept in spots that aren't our beds...

How I found Nate in the morning...
I made waffles after church; this may not seem odd to anyone, but Pete is always the one to do breakfasts on the weekends. I'm the queen of cold cereal, breakfast casseroles, and oatmeal, but Pete is the Pancake and Waffle Master; we share the title for best French toast maker. I was super nervous, but they kids loved them so much they want me to make them next week! I think I'm handing the waffle iron back to Pete, though...

Yummy waffles!

Paige wanted to document me making waffles as it's a rare occurrence

We had our photo shoot; here's an unedited blooper as a preview...

Getting them to cooperate is difficult!

Nate built a big Lincoln Log house as a welcome home surprise for Pete. Not even 5 minutes after we took this, Godzilla Ry came through and knocked it over...

His triple decker house

We found Ry's missing sunglasses...(they were in the diaper bag!)...

Mr. Cool

We made indoor s'mores! They were super yummy...


And we impatiently waited for Daddy to get home. He finally got home at 10:45, earlier than we expected him! The kids were thrilled to see him on Monday, and although he had a great trip, he was very glad to be home with us.

Although we weren't able to do everything on our lists, it really was a great weekend. We missed Pete, but we kept busy enough that it made it easier for all of us, but it was quiet enough we got to really enjoy each other's company. We're looking forward to summer vacation now!

What are your plans for this summer?


  1. This summer I'm taking a drawing class that my work is paying for and I'm really excited about it. Somehow with all of my photography classes I never really took any drawing classes.

    1. Awesome! I'm the exact opposite; I was so busy with my drawing classes I never took photo...must do that at some point!

  2. And now you're ready for a break. I hope you got a good nap after that fun weekend. :o)

    1. I took an hour and a half nap on Monday; slept through the kids playing and everything! I was beat!