Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our little surprise

I finally accomplished one of my goals that I've had ever since we moved into our house over 3 1/2 years ago: putting in an herb garden right outside our back door. Last year we put the herbs in our vegetable garden, but it wasn't always convenient to run out to the garden for fresh herbs.

The garden bed where the herbs are now was completely overrun by weeds and flowers from the previous owner. Everything came out, and herbs went in. They were happy, and I was happy having them right there!

After awhile, some things tried growing up with the herbs. I didn't have time to weed at that point, so I just left them. And I'm so glad I did:

Sunflower surprise!

Apparently the birds we feed on our back deck wanted to say thank you and planted us a surprise sunflower garden!

Have you had any little surprises lately?


  1. I love the surprise flowers from "weeds"!!!! My favorite flower is a "weed" which drives James nuts, since he can't get them at flower shops. I did have a surprise lately! I got a book in the mail from my grandma! Real mail, especially when it is a surprise is always a treat!