Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why I love having a daughter

When I was growing up, my neighborhood consisted of boys, two tomboys, and me. We played sports, jumped in mud puddles, and did more boyish things. I've always gotten along better with guys because of that, and it's taken a long time for me to really be able to relate to girls and discover that I have a girly side.

So imagine my surprise when Paige was born; this little bundle was handed to me, and all these pink things start taking over my life. All these little frilly dresses. Floral shirts. Ballerina books. Pink, pink, and more pink.

Can I just say I hated pink? And dresses and skirts? I think I had one skirt in my wardrobe...and it was a jean skirt.

As Paige grew older and her personality started to show even more, she was Girly. How did I end up with a girly girl???

But having a daughter has been an amazing blessing in disguise. Here's some reasons on why it rocks to have a girl, especially in a house full of boys:

Even though potty training took longer with Paigey, she didn't make quite as much of a mess.

Boys are very messy. Pee goes everywhere, and you can never clean it all up. And mess = smell.

My American Girl Dolls will have a home other than being stored in my basement.

My biggest fear about becoming a mom wasn't that I'd be a horrible one, but that I'd be "cursed" with all boys. I had four American Girl dolls growing up (even though I was a tomboy), and my friends and I always had so much fun with them. I wanted a girl to share them with, and when Paige matures a little more, she will be getting them...but she has to share with Mommy :)

You get to share accessories!

Although Paige's sense of style is a bit more brightly colored than mine, we both have a bit of spunk to our style. We share hair things and bracelets. When she's older, I'm sure it'll turn into clothes and earrings when and if she gets her ears pierced.

She's brought out my girly side

I now own more skirts than I do pants, and I have almost as many dresses. And I looove wearing them. I paint my nails, do my make up, and can understand how girls think.

Someone gets just as excited as I do when I buy new things!

My new shoes!
Whenever I buy new clothes or shoes, Pete and the boys just roll their eyes. Pete will take the time to at least look at what I get, but the boys just run out of the room; Nate even goes "MORE things, mom? Really?" But it's Paige who comes racing out, oohing and ahhing over whatever I've bought and even pairs up outfits with me. When I went to Target today and bought a new pair of shoes ($6 for a pair of cute pink ballet flats? Only one pair left and they just happen to be in my size? Shawna's gettin new shoes!!!!), she squealed with delight, grabbed them, and asked if they had them in her size, too. When I told her they didn't, she asked if they could be hers when she gets bigger! And as you can see by the shoes, I like pink now :)

And I can't wait until she gets older; I have a feeling we'll have shopping trips together, cry together, watch chick flicks, and have lots of mother/daughter dates away from the guys.

What do you love most about having a daughter, or what do you look most forward to when you have a daughter?


  1. Those shoes are cute!!!! :-) Lol. I want a pair. I was also a bit of a tom boy growing up, and have always had more guy friends than girl friends (still do), so I completely relate with you. And I've always been terrified that one day I'd have a girly girl daughter... or even worse, all daughters! I never thought before of how nice it could actually be, and having someone to pass on my American Girl dolls to. I have five of them! It'd be nice to know they would be taken care of and enjoyed as much as I enjoyed them (I'll never forget their staring contests with your AG dolls, lol. We were/are so special!) I'm glad Paige has added so much love and joy to your life, and mine! :-)

  2. LOL! I actually paint nails. I haven't done that in YEARS!