Monday, August 27, 2012


It's a bitter sweet time in our house these days; we're hitting some milestones, some really exciting and some kind of sad:

- Ryan is ALMOST potty trained! 
He's gone out on errands with no accidents, and the past three nights he's only had one accident, and that was because he was so tired he couldn't find the bathroom when he tried to go.

- Nate's feet are almost the size of Paige's.
Random milestone, I know, but it's ridiculous, especially as her feet have grown 3 shoe sizes this summer alone! There is less than a quarter of an inch difference in their foot sizes.

- We have NO 0-3 month baby clothes in the house. 
Over a year ago, we gave all our baby boy clothes to my brother and his wife when they welcomed their son into the world. A week ago, Pete's sister and her husband gave birth to their daughter. What kind of aunt would I be if I didn't help clothe my nephew and niece? I love seeing them in outfits I loved putting on our kids, but at the same time, it means our kids are definitely growing up, and we are truly done having children.

- Last night was the first time I was truly okay with not having more children.
We had a bonfire last night, and just knowing the kids were okay if they had to run into the bathroom or get more to drink so we could monitor the fire was wonderful. I don't remember the last time we had to change a diaper for Ryan, and that is an awesome feeling!

- Tomorrow Nate and I go to his kindergarten Meet & Greet...and although he's okay with that, this mom is not!
Nate's my buddy, my helper, and my snuggler. Usually if kids are favoring Daddy, he is still a Mommy's boy. I'm going to miss him terribly during the day! I know he's going to have a blast at school; he knows his teacher really well (I babysit for her), and his best friends are going to be in his class. I'm not worried about how he'll handle it, but how I'll do!!! Is that normal?

- The kids start school next Wednesday; I will have a kindergartener and a second grader...and a toddler/preschooler at home.
You know how in the last milestone I was worried how I'll handle it? Pete's a little sad about it all too! We're definitely looking forward to them growing up, but learning to cherish all the moments we have, whether good or bad, while we have them.

- Our playroom is starting to transform into a den.
I went through and organized more last week. We now have less toys, more seating and a TV and DVD player that are almost hooked up (we're missing a cord...). Our vision is to eventually have it be a fun place for our kids to have friends come over, play games, watch movies, and just hang out. We have a fooseball/air hockey/ping pong table waiting for that day when it can finally be our game room, but for now, we'll just enjoy half play half game room :)

- I bit the bullet and am opening an Etsy site!
I make nursing covers and silky blankets, and will be expanding to make hot & cold rice bags and nursing pillow covers soon, and then further expanding to other fun things down the road. I haven't finished opening it yet...why? I'm scared! I hate rejection and strive for perfection...and nothing I make meets my standards. Look for the official announcement of it's grand opening soon!

- Paigey-girl lost her 8th tooth!
Now Nate'll be the one losing them every time we turn around...*sigh*...but thankfully I'll get a break playing tooth fairy for awhile. I only forgot once, and was so thankful it was the night of a snow storm. Paige was devastated, but we told her the tooth fairy had to stay home so she'd be safe, but would be here as soon as the weather calmed down. Paige liked that the tooth fairy got snow days too, and was very okay with that! Gold star for this mom thinking fast on her feet!

Have you or your family hit any milestones lately? Do share!

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