Friday, September 7, 2012

The First Day of School!

Wednesday was the first day of school for us, and now we're putting TWO kids on the bus...*snif snif*....yes, I did cry. And again on Thursday.

Our girl Paigey is going into second grade! Her teacher is Mrs. Fuller, and because Mrs. Fuller was her reading teacher last year, Paige is super excited to have her all the time this year! Her favorite thing about the day was art class.

Here's how much she's grown over the past couple years:

Kindergarten 2010, First Grade 2011, Second Grade 2012

And Nate started kindergarten! He LOVES it! His teacher is Mrs. Forti, who he knows really well as I babysit her children. His favorite thing about his first day was drawing on the Smart Board!

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Here's how much he's grown the past year:

Preschool 2011, Kindergarten 2012!

My kids are growing up way too fast!

My cuties

We're also putting Nate's best friend, J, on the bus and getting him off the bus again in the afternoon. It's helpful they already have a friend to sit with, and they're in the same class. Their cubbies are even next to each other!

And my favorite pic from the morning. It's a bit of an outtake as Nate's blinking, but it captures how Ryan was feeling about the whole thing perfectly!

Please don't leave me!!!!

Ry and I were planning on going grocery shopping and out to lunch, but we ended up babysitting. It worked out for the best, as my house would have been too quiet with just me and Ry!

Ryan and I are struggling a little bit, but we're managing to keep fairly busy. Wednesday I babysat, Thursday he had his first day of preschool (I'm home schooling him for that), then we went grocery shopping and out to lunch. And today was crazy insane babysitting day, but it went much smoother than we anticipated. We miss the kids a lot, but I think he's enjoying getting to be the big kid!

What was your favorite thing about the first day of school?

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