Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Recap: Vacation - Crayfish hunting

When we were painting our counter tops, we stayed at Pete's parents for the week. I'm not sure if you'd really call it a vacation as we were 15 minutes from home and I was here a lot the first few days working on the counters, but it was so nice to get away, even for just a few days!

Day 1 of the vacation was pretty much spent painting the counters. Pete took the kids over in the morning while I taped up newspapers and prepped the counters, and we made it back for dinner.

Day 2 was sealing the counters in the morning and evening, and we went crayfish hunting in the afternoon! Not only had I not been crayfish hunting before, I had never even SEEN a crayfish! We went to a little creek not too far from my in-law's house, and it was so beautiful there.

Walking down to the creek
 The kids had a blast hunting and splashing, but it was frustrating because we couldn't find a single crayfish!

Hunting with Grandpa!
 Pete finally found one, but was having a hard time catching it. Around the time we were thinking about leaving, that's when all the crayfish decided to come out and play!

He's not afraid of a little crayfish!

He loved holding the bucket of crayfish!
You want me to do WHAT with that?

How much longer do I have to hold this thing!?!?

Dad found a big one!

That was just the start of our very fun, busy and stressful (not for reasons you may think) week with my in-laws! Coming up next: Wyoming County Fair!

***I hope the picture of Nate is coming through okay; it's not loading for me. Let me know if I need try again, please!

Have you ever been crayfish hunting?

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