Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Recap: My To-Do List

A few weeks ago I posted my summer to-do list. If you remember, I was overwhelmed and burned out just by looking at it! Now that summer's over, what did we accomplish? Were we successful?

Here's our list, and what we were able to do:

Item #1: Refinish the kitchen counter tops.

So our counters were a pale green. They were in great condition, just not our color. We wanted a cheap fix as we're eventually planning on redoing our floor (white floor + kids + coal stove = big mess!), and would hate to do brand new counters and not have them match the floor. After a little bit of research we decided we were going to paint them!

Nice, just not our style.

We were successful! They are done!!!! They are NOT what we planned, but I think they're better and fit our space and style more than what we were originally going for. The plan was to use textured spray paint that had flecks of various colors in it so it would look like regular counter tops, then put 3-4 coats of poly on it to protect it and smooth out the texture. We bought 4 cans of spray paint; the cans said 3 would cover it, but hey, they were on sale and you never know, so we bought 4. Here's what 4 cans looked like:

Splotchy is not what we were going for!
 I don't know about you, but that is NOT very pretty. Or even. Or even remotely counter top like. So we went out to the store and bought regular cheap wall paint. In gray. We thought gray was going to look better than the original tan, and we think it's a much better fit!

Much better!
We've been asked how it's holding up and if we'd recommend it. It is holding up BEAUTIFULLY. The roller from putting in the paint on left a little bit of texture, which keeps things from sliding all over yet not too much texture you can't keep it clean. Would we recommend it? Possibly. If you're looking for a quick fix that's budget friendly, then yes! I think this cost less than $40, not including the original spray paint. For a long term thing, maybe. We've heard after awhile it will start to chip, and we're anticipating that. We do have to go over it with sandpaper one more time as dust and cat fur landed on it while the paint and poly were drying, but other than that, we're really pleased with how it turned out!

Item #2: Replace or fix the front side walk.

Successful again! Replacing the whole side walk was going to be very expensive, so we just patched the ginormous holes. We're planning on buying a sealer to make it all smooth, but it's not a priority at the moment.

Item #3: Replace or fix the front porch stairs.

I am SO glad I pushed to get this done this year! I could feel just by walking on them that they were ready to go. When Pete and his dad were taking them apart, they literally were falling apart. The finished product is so much sturdier, safer, and nicer to look at! Because it's pressure treated wood, we have to let it dry for a year or so until I can paint it. It's going to be a loooong year because seeing the mismatched wood is driving me nuts, but it's going to look great when we paint them. Instead of doing the red that's on the porch now, the stairs and floor will be gray and the railings and posts will be white.

Item #4: Refinish the dining room table top.

I so wish I could take credit for this. I really do. One of my readers actually took my table and refinished THE WHOLE TABLE. It is a beautiful piece of furniture now, and we are so blessed by the work they put into it. It really makes my dining room look much more finished! I'll post a picture once we get a new camera; ours is trying to die and just doesn't make the table look as gorgeous as it really is!

Item #5: Finish weeding the rocks by the driveway.

*sigh*...not done. But, it's mostly done, and what is finished looks great! We have the bigger rocks at the bottom to do, and once it gets cooler we'll finish it. It's on our fall to-do list!

Item #6: Finish putting in the flower garden by the driveway fence.

Another thing not accomplished. We need to go out and finish getting the pavers from my aunt, and once we do that I can cover up the grass so it'll die and be ready to plant in the spring.

Item #7: Finish the new garden around the pool.

Partially finished. The part I've been wanting to do since we moved into the house got planted, but the part I just thought about doing this year has not been done. Baby steps, right?

Item #8: Build the new bed and headboard for our bedroom.

Just need to buy the wood and screws, we have stain and poly out the wazoo. Maybe this fall or winter?

Item #9: Help the kids accomplish their summer goals.

Partially finished! Paigey got her books read, and Nate learned some sight words! Paige hasn't finished learning to ride her bike without training wheels, but that was more we were busy with other things, so it fell to a lower priority. We still have time this fall before the snow flies (or at least I can hope, right?)

 So all in all we didn't do too bad with our list. Everything was worked on at least a little bit. We got the really important things accomplished, and that's what really matters!

Have you been able to cross things off your list lately?

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