Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We now are the proud owners of a George!

What is a George, you may ask?

A George is a 6" wreath covered in green tulle and decorated monster style!!!!!

When you ask your 2 year old what you would like to name your monster wreath, he'll say "I donn know..."

So you rattle off a bunch of names: "Funky....Fred....Oscar....", and wait until he hopefully decides on something he likes.

This will then prompt him to get his brain thinking, and then after a few minutes, that little brain will decide on: "George! Like monkey!"

Through my adult eyes, I don't see the resemblance to Curious George, but my imagination is so not as amazing as that of a 2 year old :)

Meet George:

The inspiration for George can be found over at baby rabies. The only changes I did was use a 6 inch MDF wreath base, 20 yards of tulle, and a paper plate for the teeth. Oh, and no bow tie. Total cost was about $5, which was awesome as we made three of them for preschool today! I did most of the tying of the tulle previously (which only took about half an hour per wreath), but the kids got to help assemble the rest of their monster wreaths.

So a big thank you to my Mom for finding the original tutorial for us!

Have you made any fun crafts or projects lately?

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  1. You're very welcome! :)

    I love George! Dad will probably get a kick out the name because that's what Jen calls him, LOL.