Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankfulness Day 1: Yay For Poop?

Happy November, everyone!

As many of you have probably seen, there is a challenge on Facebook where you post once a day something you are thankful for during the month of November. I meant to do it last year, but time slipped away from me and it didn't get completed. I'll be trying it this year on the blog for two reasons:

  1. I want to get posting more often, and I think this will be a great way to get me into the habit.
  2. I'm going to be taking a story from that day that stressed me out, and try to find something in that situation to be thankful for. You know, the silver lining in every cloud kinda thing :)
So today's thing to be thankful for: Ryan pooped.

You may remember from an earlier post that Ryan had a few rough months where that just didn't happen on a regular basis, and Mr. Enema had to come and help him out often. He's back on a regular schedule (thank you, God!), and has no problem even going on his own.

Which brings me to today's story. I was making Ryan's lunch, and he said he had to go poop. Yay! So he runs into the bathroom, and a minute later I hear the toilet flush...and then flush again almost immediately.

And then there was a splash of water.

I race into the bathroom, and water and poop are EVERYWHERE.

Not only did Ryan poop, but it was big enough to clog the toilet. When it didn't flush down right away, Ry flushed again, causing it to overflow.

How in the world could someone so small create so much poop?!?!?

Lucky me got to clean up the toilet, garbage can, potty chair (which we're weaning him off of, yay!), rug, and floor all why trying to keep a 2 year old out of the mess. As I was grumbling about it, I was reminded that a few short months ago I was praying for Ryan to poop, no matter how it happened, I just didn't want to see him in pain any more. And here he is, pooping on his own, and I'm frustrated and mad because it got on the floor.

Talk about a wake up call for this ungrateful Mommy.

I quickly cleaned up, washed myself off, and then snuggled my boy and told him how proud of him I was that he is going potty all by himself now. He felt bad about the mess, but it's really okay. He's not in pain, and although it's gross, it can be cleaned up.

And on that note, this momma needs a shower!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Wow! Please shower before blogging. Just kidding. Great story!

  2. LOL Be careful what you wish for! <3