Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankfulness Day 3: Windshield Wipers!

I love snow. I can't think of anything more beautiful than big fluffy flakes falling gently down, snow covered trees, or a freshly made snowman in a front yard. I get excited every year when it snows...

Our side yard, February 2012

...unless it starts snowing in November (or earlier, eek!). Snow makes me want to get into the Christmas spirit, but I hate neglecting Thanksgiving! In a perfect world I would have it start snowing the day after Thanksgiving, and be gone on December 26th. And it would never snow on side walks, driveways, or roads. I don't ask for much, do I?

Well, it started snowing here yesterday. At first I thought I was seeing things, but then the kids all saw it as well, and they got all excited. It was the fine flakes for awhile, but then it was the big, fluffy white flakes that I adore. It went back to the fine flakes later, and then stopped. Yay! I thought we were done for awhile, but alas, it was not meant to be.

The boys' snowman, February 2012

This morning, being the first Saturday of the month, was prayer breakfast day for our church. The men meet at our church, and the women meet at my mother-in-law's house. Pete's been the head cook for the men's breakfast for a couple months as his dad recovers from breaking his leg in a motorcycle accident, so he and the boys left the house around 7. Paigey and I left around 7:30 and found snow on the steps, railings, and car.

Groaning to myself, we get to the car, I turn it on to start warming up, and go to get the snow brush.

And there is no snow brush in the car.

View from our back deck, February 2012

I moan and groan some more, and turn on the wipers. And they turn on right away, but the snow is frozen to the windshield, so the wipers are basically useless.

After blasting the heat, the ice melts enough so the snow and ice can come off. The wipers had to stay on for most of the trip to and from prayer breakfast as it was snowing again. I'm still complaining about the snow, when a voice from the back seat says:

"At least the wipers are working, right Mom?"

Ouch. A seven year old gets it, but I definitely didn't. I've driven many times with wipers that either weren't working quite right or the blades made more of a mess than I had to begin with...

So today I am very thankful for great windshield wipers!

What's the silver lining in your cloud today?

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