Friday, December 28, 2012

29 Random Facts About Me

In honor of my 29th birthday, here are 29 random facts about yours truly:

1 - My favorite food in the whole world is stuffed mushrooms. I haven't met a stuffed mushroom I don't like! Whenever Pete and I go out to dinner and they are available as an appetizer, we figure out a way to afford them so we can get them for me :)

2 - One of my favorite smells is highly unusual: I love the smell of an auto mechanic's garage. It's super comforting to me. Why? My daddy is an auto mechanic, and he's kinda my hero <3

3 - Pachelbell's Canon in D makes me cry whenever I hear it. My friend Hollie and I performed it our senior year in high school as a flute duet, and then I walked down the aisle to it for my wedding. This is one of my new favorite versions of it, and I want to learn the cello just so I can jam to it like Steve does!

4 - I have never flown before. I haven't traveled much, so I haven't needed to fly. I'm hoping to go down to Florida in August to visit my best friend for a few days; we'll have been best friends for 20 years in September, so looks like this girl will finally get on a plane so we can celebrate with lots of shoe shopping!!!!

5 - I was voted Homecoming Queen my senior year of high school, and missed being Prom Queen by 2 votes.

6 - Growing up I considered myself to be a dog person...but now I'm a cat person. They're much less maintenance for busy moms!

7 - I don't like ranch houses because they usually lack curb appeal. I live in a ranch house....that lacks curb appeal...*sigh*....but the inside makes up for it!

8 -  I used to pick on my mom because she decorated every room in her house with the color blue as an accent color. Now in my house every room except 2 is blue as the dominant color....sorry, Mom, for picking on you....

9 - When I find something I like, I'm the kind of person who likes it to the extreme. There's no middle ground. Those of you who know me personally are probably nodding thinking about my current obsession, Doctor Who :)

10 - The first time I fell in love was in first grade. Now, I know it probably wasn't love, just lust, but even until I graduated from high school most of the teachers and I thought that we would end up married. That all changed when I met a tall, dark and handsome guy named Peter my first weekend of college, and he stole my heart once and for all <3

11 - I don't have many regrets in life, but the biggest one is not trying harder in college. I'm sure I could have done better if I had wanted to; most of that I think was I wasn't happy with the major I had at the time...I think it's also me being a perfectionist, too!

12 - The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was an artist. That got derailed in middle and high school when I wanted to be a veterinarian, but the passion for art was reignited my first year at college.

13 - Sometimes I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up; most of the time I don't even feel old enough to have kids, especially an almost 8 year old...or even old enough to be married. I see 'kids' on Facebook that I used to babysit who have kids and are married now, and it makes my brain hurt trying to process that!

14 - My favorite job I ever had was working at the library in college. I liked working at the circulation desk, but the last semester I worked there I was a shelver. I got to listen to my CD player and organize things. It was GREAT!

15 - The job I miss the most is working at the animal hospital. I worked with a great group of ladies and we had so much fun together. Plus you got to play with cats and dogs and get paid for it! I once had a serval cat eat out of my was scary and fascinating! The job wasn't as glamorous as I remember it, but it was fun and the people made the experience so much better.

16 - I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life once Ryan goes to school. People always ask me and assume I'm going to get a job, but I'm not sure that's what I want to do. I still have a few years (thank God!), but I'm not looking forward to it. I love having my kids here!

17 - My love language is Words of Appreciation and Pete's is Acts of Service; we find it funny (and stressful!) that we married people who's love language is the one we have the hardest time speaking. Pete is a man of few words, and I just do things because they need to be done, not just because I'm showing him I love them. It's amazing we make this marriage work!!!

18 - My favorite chore around the house is vacuuming. If a floor is messy, to me it makes the whole room feel messy, no matter how clean the room really is.

19 - My least favorite chore is folding laundry. When they invent a machine that will fold laundry, I will be the first one to buy it!

20 - Many people ask if we're done having kids. There are times where I'd like a fourth, but we are really enjoying not having to change diapers all the time, and the whole sleeping through the night on a regular basis thing is wonderful. Kids are fantastic and I love them, but this is the first time we've ever hit both of these milestones at the same time, and I'm not sure I want to let go of it.

21 - I'm an introverted extrovert. I blame my friend Corrie. I was always an introvert until I met her, and now I am more extroverted than I ever have been! I'm still an introvert in large groups and like quiet time occasionally, but I love being around people and I can get pretty loud at times, too :)

22 - I love to garden...but I hate weeding.

23 - I love to fish. It's very relaxing to me. But if I catch one, do not ask me to remove it from the line! I can't stand touching them, they freak me out!!! Yes, I will scream, and Pete's brother-in-law Joe has a picture of me freaking out as I'm holding Nate's fish.

24 - I'm claustrophobic, but randomly. I can't be too close to a ceiling or have shoes that are too tight without panicking and feeling like the world is closing in on me. I'm weird, I know!

25 - I sleep with at least 2 blankets on year round. Even when it's 100+ degrees out and full humidity. And my feet will still be cold.

26 - We've learned that whenever we go get a pet, if I'm the one who chooses which one to bring home, it will be special. I've had fish that swim upside down (not cause they're dead! Think Dory from Finding Nemo), fish that would try to feed the shark statue in it's tank, a cat who thought it was a dog, and we currently have a cat who's terrified of birds and a dog who is terrified of snow.

27 - My favorite place to be in the whole world is by the water. Whenever we go visit my parents, we drive by a park I used to play in growing up that's right on Lake Ontario. Just the sights, smells and sounds calms me down and makes me happy!

28 - I like my hot chocolate when it's not fully mixed. I like the floating pieces of unmixed cocoa mix, and have to scoop that out and eat it first before I drink any.

29 - One of my pieces of art has been to Jamaica...and not only did it go without me, it didn't bring me back a souvenir or send me a post card! In college, we did an exchange of works with a college in Jamaica, and one of my pieces was chosen to go be displayed. It was an honor being chosen to represent the college, but depressing as it got to go see the sun while I stayed home in the snow.

So now you can probably see that I have issues and am just plain ol' weird. But you probably knew that already, didn't you? ;)

I'd love to get to know you better, too! What is a random fact about you?


  1. I like the smell of a garage too... my dad was always working in his, so I grew used to it.

    I also love Canan in D and have thought about using it when I get married; maybe. Whenever that might happen! But we'll see.

    Are you really going to come visit me?! That would be wonderful! :-) Flying is fun I think, but if you're affraid of heights, it can be nerve racking. The good news is that a flight to FL is a fairly short one :-)

    Sometimes I don't know what I want to be when I grow up either, so you're not alone. I also sleep with at least 2 blankets on, love being around water, and like hot chocolate when it's not fully mixed...I like mac & cheese with the powdered cheese that way as well.

    Random facts about me:
    1. I love to bake. I've even toyed with the idea of starting my own bake shop, but fear it might not be successful or that I'd grow tired of it. Or that it'd be successful, and I'd have to hire and trust other people to make things and run the shop the way I would.

    2. When I was younger, I once read in a magazine that zodiac signs match up with certain signs the best and are more likely to have a lasting relationship. Ever since, I can't seem to get that out of my head when getting to know a guy and have actually ruled out a relationship with a guy solely based on what his zodiac sign is...

    3. When I fall for someone, I fall hard...even if he doesn't deserve to be with me or if it doesn't makes sense for me to have those feelings for him.

    4. I'm my toughest critic. Sometimes nothing is ever good enough

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Interesting facts. It is fun to know a homecoming queen. :o)

    Thanks for mentioning me. I'm honored!

    Happy Birthday!