Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Christmas/Pre-Birthday Shopping Trip

My kids spoil me.

This year was a little different for gifts as Pete and I bought each other big gifts for both our birthdays and Christmas; the birthdays we got a tablet to share, and for Christmas we got a new mattress. Pete, being the awesome guy he is, thought that the kids should still do something for me for Christmas and birthday, so he planned a shopping trip for them to take me on! He sat down with each kid and asked them what they wanted to do for me.

After a much needed nap with Ryan on the couch today (gotta snuggle them while you can, right?), we set off for Rochester. The roads were finally clear, and traffic was super light, yay!

First stop was Nate's gift: A trip to the tea and coffee store! I got to choose whichever drink I wanted; it was a toss up between a caramel latte and strawberry lemonade. The lemonade ended up winning, and was awesome. Everyone ended up with a drink, too.

Next was Paige's gift: A trip to my favorite store at the mall, Charming Charlie! It's an accessory store, with jewelry, bags, scarves, and now they have some shoes and shirts as well. Each table is sorted by color, with anything from earrings down to purses and wallets at each table. There are "crystal" chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and it's just a fun experience! They're working on their website now, but in the spring shopping online will be available. I bought a necklace and earring set, a pair of earrings, a pair of patterned stockings and a nail polish. Paige loves this store now too; they have a girl's section, and Pete and I bought a few things for her as a Christmas gift. It's a girl's dream store!

Pete took the boys to Dick's Sporting Goods (where they bought a new golf club for Nate and Paige), while Paige and I hit LOFT. My sister-in-law Gretchen and her family gave me a gift card there for my birthday, and since everything was 50% in the store, I couldn't resist popping in quickly! I got a pair of stockings and some boot socks, and still have half my gift card left :)

Last was Ryan's gift: as much as the boy loves to cook, he wanted to take me out to dinner! We went to Applebee's, a very rare treat for all of us. The kids had excellent manners, our waitress was awesome, and the food was delicious. Thankfully I was not sung to, but still got to enjoy my sizzlin' apple pie skillet with a happy birthday wish from the waitress.

It was a wonderful day; now tomorrow I get to go get pampered with a hair cut, and then relax with my family.

How do you spend your birthday? Do you relax and enjoy the day, or do something super fun?

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  1. Aww, how sweet! Your birthday sounds awesome :-)