Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Card Teaser

Today we took our yearly Christmas card photo shoot. The weather was perfect, the kids were clean and in pretty good moods, and Paigey was having a good hair day.

Here are a few previews from our shoot:

Isn't Paige's dress fantastic? We got it a year ago at a garage sale for $5! She wasn't happy she had to change back into her play clothes after the photo shoot. The picture of her walking through the field is very her: very girly, yet not minding about being outside in the elements!

This picture captures Nate's personality! He's such a goof ball. Most of the pictures have him holding up his fingers like a number 1; we called those his "politician" poses!

And then there's Ryan...Mr. I-don't-want-to-look-at-the-camera. He was happy and smiley, as long as he wasn't in the field getting his picture taken. We were able to get a couple decent ones of him, thankfully!

I was able to even order our cards today as well! I had a 55% off any order code (JINGLE, in case you want to use it, too!) for Snapfish that expires tomorrow (December 2nd), so we're hoping to have them in a week or so. I used to make the cards with the kids, but the past few years it's been too hard finding the time to do them with the kids. Even signing boxed cards from the store seems like too much work! I am stockpiling home made card ideas for when I have more time to start making them again, though :)

Do you do Christmas cards? Do you order photo cards, make your own, or buy ones from the store?

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