Friday, December 21, 2012

Ryan, Mater, and Tractors

It's just me and Ryan today. All the four babysitting kids that I had scheduled for the day are all sick. I feel bad because who really wants to be sick for Christmas, but at the same time I'm finally getting caught up on wrapping, baking, and laundry.

Ry is obsessed with the 'Cars' movies. He could watch them both every day, multiple times a day, and not get bored. He can't understand why the rest of us don't share his enthusiasm for the movies. Don't get me wrong, we love the movies, but not that much.

So because I'm a mean ol' mommy and wouldn't let him watch them today, he has decided to pretend he's Mater. He's been dragging towing things behind him, from blankets and pillows to laundry baskets and gift bags that have Christmas presents in them. It's pretty cute :)

Then the fun part came: Ryan found Nate's big tractors. He was rolling them around the dining room floor, and then he'd do this:

Ry: "Mommy Mommy Mommy! Wook at dis!"
Me: "What's up, Mater?"
Ry: ".....HOOOOONK!.....*tips over all the tractors so the front part is up in the air and the back is resting on the floor*.................................boom boom boom!"
Me: "Are you tractor tipping again?"
Ry: "Yes....Oh No! You's is Fwank! Aaaahhhhhhhhh.....*runs away yelling*"

Have I mentioned lately how much I love having boys? :)


  1. Hmmm...I think I'd better watch the 2nd movie.

    1. The second movie is good; it's more about Mater than McQueen, but still entertaining and good! There's no Frank in the second one, but there's Ryan's other favorite car, Francesco Bernoulli! He calls him Bandesco LaLoullie :)