Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas

How was your Christmas? Ours was wonderful; we got to see Pete's best man from our wedding and my best friend called, we spent the day with Pete's family, and the best part? The kids slept in until after 7!

Ryan enjoying his new bed tent from Grandma and Grandpa

The day after Christmas is always the stressful day for me; the kids want to play with each other's toys, but never want to share what they got. It's always fight fight fight and no room for the new goodies. Thankfully, today wasn't so bad!

Playing with Ry's new play food; Ry is wearing the apron I made him

I was mean, though, and Paige and I spent a couple hours in her room this morning organizing and deep cleaning. She got rid of an overflowing laundry basket full of books and toys, plus a small grocery bag full of broken toys and garbage that were stuffed in random places. She's trying to prove to us that she's big enough for an American Girl doll for her birthday, and today was definitely as step in the right direction.

She loves her new comforter and organized room!

Watching Daddy play LEGO Lord of the Rings on the Wii

The kids had a lot of fun playing together today; Nate shared his LEGO table we made him, they played checkers with minimal fighting, "cooked" with all of Ryan's new play food, and even shared their new Where's Waldo books!

Checkers or LEGOs?

Get used to seeing lots of pictures again! We were blessed by a new camera yesterday. We're still learning how to use it, but the pictures are so much better quality than the ones taken on our tablet or our broken camera:

A chickadee flying away

We will be hosting my family's Christmas gathering on Saturday. I'm hoping to get the shopping done tomorrow and get things prepped tomorrow night, weather permitting. We have a winter storm that showed up this afternoon and will be sticking around until tomorrow morning sometime.

Have you gotten any snow? How did you spend your Christmas?

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  1. We got about 16 inches! Poor kid #3 couldn't even walk in it. :o)