Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Saturday

This past week has been crazy, long, and draining:

- With the exception of one night, Ryan has been pulling a newborn's sleep schedule; the one night he slept through the night? I had 2 cups of regular coffee after 7, so I was up most of the night. Oops! His allergies have been awful and/or he's been having nightmares.

- Pete, Nate and Paige went back to work/school on Wednesday, which threw us all off. We never knew what day it was, so we tried to put 5 days of jobs/activities into 3 days.

- I had a super heavy babysitting schedule this week. The pay is nice, but the kids were all over the place because their routines were off.

We were all ready relaxing today, so how did we spend our day?

- We had prayer breakfasts! Pete and the boys went to church to help cook and serve the men, and Paige and I went to my in-law's. My mother-in-law cooked, and it was only the three of us today. It was nice visiting and catching up on our crazy lives, and then we helped her pack up four packets to be made into Cozy Quilts after we prayed.

- Paige and I left our prayer breakfast later than we intended to, so we raced home, got Paigey dressed up and hair all pretty, wrapped up some gifts, and sent her off to her best friend's birthday party! Today was the first day Paige let me do her hair in any style other than pony tail without fussing; she's growing up!!!

Paigey and her french braid headband

- The boys watched Cello Wars over and over and over again while they ate lunch:

They love Cello Wars!

- Pete, the boys and I all got a nap!

- Nate and Pete worked on clearing the driveway

- I started working on another custom order for SEA Creations; they'll be identical cross body tote bags. I got the fabric all ironed and cut out, now just waiting for the rest of the supplies to arrive at some point this upcoming week:

Getting ready to iron the fabric
- I started working on a birthday present for Paige while she was gone; we'll be turning it into an American Girl doll wardrobe/storage chest for her first doll that she'll be getting! It's going to look similar to this, but using this tutorial:

It's now missing two drawers; demolition will start tomorrow, hopefully!

- I snuggled my babies

Oh how I love them!!!!

- I'm updating the blog and even writing a few more to have ready for the next couple days!

How did you spend your Saturday?

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