Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Boy, His Yaya, and Bandesco Laloulli

This is a tale of a boy named Ryan. For Christmas, Ryan asked for a stuffed Woody from Toy Story to go with his stuffed Buzz Lightyear that he loved.

His Yaya (my mom) looked and looked but couldn't find Woody in any of her local stores, so she sent Ryan's Mommy out to look for Woody.

When Ryan and his Mommy got to the store, they found Woody! Mommy put him in the cart with Ryan, and what did Ryan do?

Screamed and threw Woody back out. And he continued to do that every time Woody was placed in the cart.

Mommy didn't know what to do, so she called Yaya. Yaya said that we could choose a different stuffed animal if Ryan wanted.

So Mommy told Ryan that Yaya said he could pick another stuffed animal, and he took it to mean that he was buying Yaya a stuffed animal for Christmas. Would she want Spider-Man? Thomas the Tank Engine? Iron Man? Nothing looked perfect!

Then, hidden under some stuffed animals, was the PERFECT ONE! It was none other than Bandesco Laloulli! (Francesco Bernoulli, to those of you who don't speak two-year-old). Ryan loves Bandesco! We put it in the cart, and Ryan snuggled the car, happily telling Bandesco and anyone who would listen that he was going to be Yaya's present.

We bring Bandesco home, and when everyone gets home later, Ryan shows them Bandesco and he has to proudly tell them he picked it out for Yaya. Ryan's brother and sister look at Mommy, thinking Why did we get Yaya a stuffed animal?!?!? Mommy then explains (when Ryan's not around) that it's really for Ryan from Yaya and Poppa, they love it and start playing around.

For the next couple weeks, Ryan sneaks into his Mommy and Daddy's bedroom, stealing snuggles with Bandesco whenever he can:

Snuggling Bandesco for Yaya!

Finally it's time to wrap Bandesco Laloulli! (Please excuse the crazy quality; they were taken with our tablet):

But if I put him in the box, how can I snuggle him?!?

Red and Green bows, cause those are the colors of Bandesco!

High five for a job well done!

Then the day we all waited for is here: Christmas with Yaya and Poppa!

Taking the present to Yaya! He couldn't wait!!!

Reading the tag together

Wait, it's for me??? Are you sure?!?

Is this right, Mommy? Is it really for me!?!?
Ryan was so shocked! He couldn't believe Bandesco was his! He was so happy!!! It made nap time much more enjoyable:

Ahh, I can snuggle Bandesco anytime I want!!!

Ryan is still very attached to his Bandesco. They've even watched Bandesco's movie, Cars 2, together :)

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  1. Aww! I was wondering how the story would end! -V