Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paigey's Surprise Birthday Package

For the past month or so, I've known about a little birthday surprise for my dear girl: my friend Rochelle and her friend Cassie were making clothes and accessories for Paigey's new doll, Felicity! 

Do you have any idea how hard it was to wait patiently for the box to ship and arrive? Or I wasn't allowed to know what was being made? I only got one itsy bitsy teeny weeny preview on Facebook....and it drove me insane. All in a good way, of course!

The package finally arrived yesterday, and of course, I couldn't wait to get it opened, so I let Paigey up a bit early from rest time. I swear, I'm such a kid myself!!! Please excuse the overwhelming amount of pictures; I promised Rochelle I'd take lots of them!

The opened package...

Paige and I squealed with delight when we saw everything!

Rochelle made a book about
who she and Cassie are

Reading her birthday card

It's doll clothes, Mom!

I love the ruffly shirt!!!!

People I don't know sent me these?!?

This blue dress is the BEST!!!

Flowery pants? AMAZING, MOM!


Yay! A hot cocoa cup for Felicity!!!!

This is the picture we saw on Mrs. Rochelle's
Facebook page!!! It was for me?!? I love it!!!!

A camera that actually flashes! How cool!!!!

Look, Mom! Chucks!!!! They look like yours!

Ooooh, leggings to go with her dresses!

More stockings!! These are so cool!

So, with the exception of the owl hats (which they didn't take off for hours!), here is everything in the box:

There were five dresses....

...six skirts, a vest, four pairs of stockings, a pair of sneakers, a bear
hat and scarf,another scarf, and a tea cup with saucer....

...three pairs of pants....

...six shirts...

...three hair clips, two pairs of boots, a camera, and a bag!

Isn't this cup adorable?!?

I need to find a bear hat that will fit my ginormous head!!!!

I've had a few people who have commented on the need for a dresser for Felicity's things. I know it sounds like a crazy idea (I wasn't sure about it to start off with, either!), but when she's going to need storage for all of the doll accessories to keep them safe and in good condition, this seemed like the best and least expensive option. When she gets her second doll in the next year or two, we'll need that extra space, too! Here is what the dresser looks like with everything in it and all organized:

The bottom drawer is for the animals (Posie, Licorice the cat,
and Wolfie), plus all their accessories.

The top drawer has folded clothes, and then a small bin for things
like hair items and hats, shoes, stockings and leggins, and accessories

There is still a lot of room for hanging things; I spaced them
farther apart for picture taking purposes only

All her things in one neat and tidy place!

Everything was made by Rochelle and Cassie with the exception of all the shoes, the camera and the cup with saucer. Rochelle did all the sewing, Cassie did the crocheting. The detail in these clothes and accessories is outstanding. Thank you both so much for all your hard work, you have made a little girl's birthday even more perfect, and have blessed this Momma as well!

It's amazing how people wanted to make Paigey's day so special for her this year, that they wanted to help make it a dream birthday for her. Thank you, to all of you. She had the best birthday ever, and is amazed at how loved she really is.


  1. The clothes that Cassie and Rochelle made are exquisite; more than equal the ones that you pay a fortune for in the catalog. I love the matching crocheted hats for Paige and Felicity. All the accessories are perfect, too. No doubt, Paige had the best birthday of all!!!
    Love & God bless, Aunt Sharon

  2. I also wanted to add that I wish I had been as creative as you, dear niece Shawna. God certainly had blessed you and you are using all your talents beautifully. Love and God bless, Aunt Sharon