Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paige's Birthday: Afternoon/Evening

To see the morning activities for Paigey's birthday, click here.

After Emma arrived, the girls went and played with their dolls and hung out with the boys in the living room. Pete's brother, Derrick, and their mom and dad came over later for dinner and dessert.

For dinner, Paigey wanted make your own pizzas. I made home made pitas for the crust, and then we had a whole bunch of toppings: cheeses, sauce, olives, onions, chicken, mushrooms, and pepperoni. They were super fun to make and so yummy!

After dinner was present time!

Waiting patiently to begin...

A foal for Felicity from Emma

Felicity's lamb, Posie, from Mom and Dad

She got some yummy gum, chapter books, aaand....

...a doll outfit from her friends/my
babysitting kids, E&L!

Baskets lined by Grandma to go with...

...the new hanging shelf unit that Grandpa made!
She also received a cleaning kit for properly cleaning Felicity, Felicity's hair brush, Felicity's birthday dress, and from her brothers a stuffed husky with booties and a leash for Felicity.

Paige, Wolfie, Kit (Emma's AG doll),
Posie, Felicity, and Emma!

Then it was dessert time: home made ice cream cake!

Working on putting the candles in to the cake...

Make a wish, Paigey!!!!

The cake was AMAZING. Better than Carvel...and at a fraction of the price! I'll have to remember this for my birthday in December :)

Paige had a great day. Her favorite parts were getting Felicity, eating ice cream cake, and Emma spending the night. In her words: BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER!

What was your favorite birthday?


  1. You really need to post that cake recipe.
    Just sayin'

  2. It sounds like Paige had a wonderful birthday! That's so great. And that cake looks AMAZING! I have an ice cream cake recipe I love, but I'd really like to try the one you made to compare them. Maybe I'll have a new favorite! :-) My luck I'd like both of them and feel the need to make both, haha.

    My favorite's hard to decide, but one that comes to mind is when I'd have you and everyone over and we'd swim in the pool, eat cake/brownies and ice cream, and open presents. Oh, and sometimes my mom would get a pinata! So much fun :-)