Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Proud Mommy Moment

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a Proud Mommy Moment!!!!

Okay, so I had a Reader Request post all lined up for today, but I couldn't wait to post this...I almost posted it last night!

Yesterday the kids brought home their homework folders, and as I opened them to figure out who needs what done and when for the week, there were two small packets of papers in the midst of the homework:

I totally squealed with delight at seeing they both got pieces of art accepted into the annual art exhibit! All the schools in the county have students enter the competition each year, and Paigey's been very depressed the past two years that she hadn't been chosen. She and Nate were both thrilled they had art work chosen! I think the artist in me was jumping up and down with a big goofy grin on it's face for quite awhile in my head last night.

On a side note, like their outfits? Dr. Seuss' birthday is on Saturday, so school is having Dr. Seuss week! Yesterday was pajama day for The Sleep Book. Today their doing Dr. Seuss' ABCs, so they had to choose a letter and wear as many items of clothing that began with that letter. Paigey chose 'P'; she's wearing pink princess pajamas, a pink sweat shirt, pink socks, pink hair ties and pig tails. Nate chose 'S'; he's wearing socks, sneakers, striped pants, a striped shirt, and a striped sweatshirt.

Now off I go, getting ready for Dr. Seuss week for preschool! We're doing Cat in the Hat today, with a Cat craft, a Thing 1 and Thing 2 craft, and Cat popcorn (white popcorn with red candy stripes on top).

Have a great day!

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