Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snowy Morning

Weather is a fickle thing.

Yesterday was such a tease, pretending like spring was right around the corner. Today, winter is back. I'm glad preschool ended up being cancelled and we ran our errands yesterday, because I would not have wanted to go out driving on our hilly twisty roads today!

Although I'm sick of the snow, there is a bright side to it being here: it's great packing snow!

When I had Paigey and Nate outside waiting for the bus, Nate got a twinkle in his eye, and we all got into a snowball fight. It's not every day my kids get on the bus laughing hysterically, but today was definitely that day.

I thought a snowman would be in order as I have the morning off, but Ryan hates being cold. When we bundle him up to take him outside, he's done playing in five minutes or less. I came in from putting the kids on the bus, and asked if he wanted to go outside and make a snowman.

His response?

"YESSS!!! Let's GO!!!!"

And go we did.

We bundled up, still in our pajamas, and had a blast building a snowman, playing with Mason, and throwing snowballs at each other.

Ry's first snowman! He used a golf ball for the nose :)

Having lots of fun!

Now we're celebrating our job well done with hot chocolate and marshmallows and a movie!

Did you do anything fun this morning?

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