Tuesday, March 5, 2013



My baby. Went missing sometime Saturday night/early Sunday morning when his mom and dad were distracted by the stomach bug. Responds to the names Ryan and Loopy.


A big boy. Appeared in our living room Sunday morning. Acts like he lives here. Can do big boy things, like stand up to go potty with the big potty, pour a bowl of cereal without spilling, and get a drink from the fridge without leaving juice spills on every surface in sight.

Okay, so we didn't really lose Ryan.

But my baby's growing up so fast that it feels like he changed so much overnight.

Pete and I were down for the count with a stomach bug Saturday night into Sunday evening, and it just seemed like while we were sick, Ryan grew. A lot. He was helping take care of us this weekend, and was being so independent so we could rest. Granted, his brother and sister helped him do a few things (he can't reach the microwave yet), but he could put his bagel in the toaster, start it, pull it out and butter it without burning himself, the bagel, or the house down.

Today he and I went through all his clothes in his room, and he has moved into size 3 pants AND size 4 shirts! He still has a few size 3 shirts he can fit into, but not many at all.

What makes that even more crazy is that Nate still has some size 4 shirts in his dresser than fit Ryan, too. How is that possible?!? To look at the boys, Nate's much bigger, but once they have their shirts off you can see that Ryan's shoulders and rib cage are as wide as Nate's. He's a stocky yet very skinny kid, so he needs the bigger clothes to get his arms in and out easily.

Ry's super excited about his 'new' clothes and big boy status. This momma, not so much. Knowing that he's our last and this is the last time we'll be potty training, washing size 2T clothes, teaching someone how to put their clothes on, yet knowing that the kids can take care of themselves so mom and dad can rest because they're sick is so relieving. We're kinda struggling over here with all our emotions!

Are you struggling with anything right now? Do you know how or why kids grow so quickly?


  1. I have a very unique (weird, maybe?) perspective on my little one growing up. I think it might be because I spent the first few weeks of his life, unsure that he was going to be coming home. Now, every new thing he learns, every time we switch to bigger clothes, every time I notice how big he's getting - it's a reminder of grace. It's all grace.

    Hugs to you, mama. Your kids are definitely growing up fast - but the important thing is that they're growing up GREAT! :)

    1. I love that perspective, Sara! I need to remember that. I tend to take it all for granted, which I shouldn't. There have been times where we were told that Paigey could go into heart failure at any minute, and I tend to forget what precious gifts my children really are. Grace. Love it.

  2. I heart you! Keep them coming momma! :)