Thursday, March 7, 2013


Ahhh, feeling somewhat healthy again is a wonderful feeling.

Over the past couple weeks, Nate has had 2 stomach bugs (a 5 day one and a 24 hour one), Ryan had the 5 day bug, Pete and Paige had the 24 hour bug, and looking back over the past week, it looks like I either had the 5 day bug or the 24 hour bug twice.

Not fun.

In the past 24 hours I have lost 4 lbs. Now normally I'd be cheering about that, but in 24 hours? No thank you. I'm pretty dehydrated, so I'm weak and uncomfortable. I'm trying to push the fluids to get my system back to where it needs to be; I feel like my insides slosh as I walk around I've had so much water this morning.

The part I always hate about getting over the flu or a stomach bug is that when I finally start to feel better, my brain is all "YES! Let's clean and do this project and this project and clean out this closet and oh, can't forget about this project!" and my body's all " want me to stand up? AND walk 10 feet to the bathroom? You're kidding, right?".

No matter what my brain might say, I've learned in the past to take it easy when recovering. There is a Calvin and Hobbes book by Bill Watterson called Scientific Progress Goes "Boink". We were huge fans of Calvin and Hobbes when I was growing up (still are, in fact), and whenever I was recovering from the flu, some sort of bug, or a high fever, I had a tendency of passing out. Since my initials used to be SP, I was dubbed 'Scientific Progress' by my parents, and passing out became 'boink'. I called my parents today, and both of them warned me to watch it, saying that Scientific Progress was not allowed to go boink today without severe consequences from Drs. Mom and Dad.

So telling my brain to be quiet has been quite a challenge today. My house has barely been cleaned let alone picked up in the past week or so that I've been out of commission, and when it's cluttered like this, I get crazy and almost panicky. I'm only trying to do jobs that I can sit while I work, like fold laundry, but it's tough. I want to clean, I want to wrestle with my kids, I want to get up off the couch and not have to watch another movie.

But for today, I must relax and take it easy. Again.

Oh, and be thankful that I have an appetite finally :)

Am I alone in my crazy recovery brain/body battle?

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