Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We love Easter.

From the sunrise breakfast at church, to our Pastor's awesome sermon that keeps us focused on why we celebrate the day, and then great food with family after church, it's hard to not enjoy the day.

We were a little off this Easter as Ryan had a cold or something, so he wasn't sleeping very well at night. He (and Mommy and Daddy!) were pretty tired, so Pete brought us home after service and before Sunday school so Ry and I could rest, then he went back to church with the other two kids. It's nice being a mile away from our church that we're able to be really flexible like that! Ryan and I watched a movie and dozed on the couch.

My sleepy boy

After Sunday school, Pete and the kids came home and we did an Easter egg hunt with the kids and their Easter baskets.

I think someone's excited about his Ewok action figures!

A tea pot for Felicity


We had the kids take a rest, and then we went over to Pete's parent's house for the afternoon.

Paigey loves snuggling her cousin E, who is wearing
one of Paigey's old dresses :)

Nate beat me in checkers. Easily. And I was trying to win.

The cousins

Sleeping on Mommy

It was an afternoon filled with great food, amazing people, and lots of relaxation. The kids had another Easter egg hunt, which included finding chocolates in the shape of their initial.

The only real bad part of the day was the fact that Ry thought it would be awesome to be up 12 times that night. Boo.

How did you spend your Easter?

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