Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interviewing the Birthday Boy

My baby is turning three tomorrow. I was struggling with Paige's birthday because I don't feel old enough to have an eight year old, but with Ry it's more that he's my last one; this is the last time I will throw a party for a three year old. And that makes me sad.

I sat down with Ryan this morning and asked him the same questions we asked Paige:

How old are you? Free!!! (He'll be three tomorrow)

Who is your best friend? Nafen (Nathan). And Daddy.

What is your favorite color? Bwue and gween and fiuh twuck wed. And owange. (Blue and green and fire truck red. And orange.)

What was the best thing about being two? Me no know.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Piwate!!!! 

What is your favorite movie? Mawy Poppins, Cars 2, and Pickle Me (Despicable Me).

What is your favorite song? Bob and Warry songs (anything Veggie Tales; he also loves when Adele comes on Pandora).

What is your favorite food? Fwoot coctail, cake, cwackers, ticken nuggets. Hot dogs, macawoni and teese, and pizza. And toast. Wif eggs. And cookies!!!!!

What do you want most of all for your birthday?  Cake! Wif Mater and McQueen dwiving all ovah it.

What do you want for your birthday brunch, dinner, and dessert? Eggs and toast for bweakfast. Macawoni and teese and ice cweam cake for dinner!

Anything you'd like to ask the birthday boy?

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