Saturday, February 16, 2013

Interviewing the Birthday Girl

Paigey's turning eight tomorrow, so I took a few minutes to ask her a few important questions:

How old are you? Seven, but I'll be eight tomorrow!

Who is your best friend? Emma, of course!

What is your favorite color? Blue, because it's a pretty color.

What was the best thing about being seven? Being older than my brothers!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian for horses, cats, dogs, and lizards.

What is your favorite movie? "How to Train Your Dragon" because I have the books and I like dragons.

What is your favorite song? Anything by Jamie Grace or the Newsboys

What is your favorite food? Mashed potatoes!!!!!

What do you want most of all for your birthday? A horse and an American Girl doll, mostly Felicity, even though they don't make her any more.

What do you want for your birthday brunch, dinner, and dessert? Brunch is mini waffles or a dutch baby, dinner would be make your own pizzas, and dessert is ice cream cake.

Questions from you readers!

Favorite place to go? Honeynoye lake on vacation.

Least favorite chore?
Playing the piano or putting away dishes.

Least favorite place to go? I don't know...maybe school because I don't like gym.

Least favorite color?

Anything you'd like to know about the soon to be birthday girl?


  1. How about her favorite book or book series?
    Favorite place to go?
    Least favorite too would be fun, like least favorite chore, place to go or color. :o) As long as that doesn't lead to whining.

    BTW, did any of that surprise you?

    1. I updated the post to include your answers, Corrie!

      I think the only one that really surprised me was what she wanted to be when she grows up; it's the first time she doesn't want to be a teacher! Her not liking piano or school might surprise some people, but it's more that she has a really hard song for piano, and she's tired of practising it, and her bully helped her team lose in basketball this week, and that upset her.

  2. Lol! I guess there are all times when we hated school. :o)
    THanks for the update.