Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm putting today's awesome Financial Friday money tip on the back burner until next week. I've been feeling down the past couple days; having cold, wet, gloomy weather after having nice sunny warm spring like weather doesn't make me a happy mommy! I told myself I had to be thankful no matter what, and here's my list:

My lower back is aching this morning after running over 2 miles last night - I'm thankful that I can get up and out of bed today, that my heart is beating, that I'm alive, and I can still get down on the floor to play with kids. And that I ran over 2 miles for the first time ever! Take that, back and knee joints!!!!!

It's gray and gloomy. And cold. Again. - I'm thankful for the rain to make the flowers grow, for a warm house and a roof over my head, and that the rain will make me appreciate the sun all that much more when it finally decides to poke out from behind the clouds.

I'm behind on laundry and had to do four loads this morning - I'm thankful that we have clothes on our backs to keep us warm and dressed appropriately, and that we have a working washer and dryer.

Pete and I have some decisions looming over our heads, and when we don't have all the information to make these decisions, we're both tired, cranky, and stressed - Without going into too much detail, I'm thankful that he has a job, that we have back up options for all the decisions, and that people are praying for us while we sort through details and listen for God's direction in all of this.

I have to go over my power point presentation and lesson plans for a three hour sculpture class I'm teaching tomorrow, and I'm feeling very unprepared. Sculpture is soooo not my strong suit, and all the little pieces haven't been fitting together this week to get everything where I need it to be as nicely as I'd like. - I'm thankful that my main material for the class arrived today (and I wasn't sure if it would), and Pete's going to watch all the kids this afternoon so I can go out and pick up the rest of my supplies. My power point is finally done and edited, I just need to make sure my transitions are going to be okay. I'm feeling all jazzed up about art again, and I'm even looking into finishing up my painting concentration in the next year or so (I'm only one class away from having it; to not finish would be silly!), and maybe even getting a degree in art history could be an option. Everything will be okay. No one will throw wire and paper at me tomorrow if I get a date wrong (switching from BC/AD to BCE/CE for dates is so confusing for me!) or I misspeak.

The three kids I have here today have been cranky all morning and haven't been as good as they normally are for me today...doesn't help my mood any! - I'm thankful that all three kids are sleeping, and that snuggling and reading books for an hour helped calm them down.

Hey! It stopped raining! Yay! Yet another thing to be thankful for :)

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Care to share your power point on your blog?

  2. Can't you just ignore the BCE/CE thing? Oh, wait...if it was at church you could, but this is at the library, isn't it? :( I actually haven't seen where anyone is using BCE/CE, but I know Jeremy mentioned it when he was still in college. Sure...let's change 2000-plus years of thinking...

    Did the daffodils survive????