Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ryan's Birthday: Afternoon and Evening

After we came home from our morning adventures, the kids had a short rest. Then we watched Cars 2, because it's one of Ry's favorites. Ry got to open another present, and it was a pillow mat that I made him. It's basically a sheet that I sewed into pockets, inserted 4 pillows, and appliqued his name to. He can take it to his grandparent's house when he spends the night, or use it for movie days by folding one of the pillows under and reclining on it with his head propped up. He loves it and takes naps on it almost every day!

When the movie finished, Pete's brother Derrick and their parents came over for dinner. Ry choose my baked macaroni and cheese (which is actually my mom's recipe). It's one of his favorites :)

Then it was present time. He couldn't wait to open them, mostly because as soon as he did he could eat cake. The boy loves cake.

The pillow Paigey made him

Star Wars Legos from Mommy and Daddy

A Bandesco and McQueen shirt
A cool toy that's a flashlight on one end
and a mini lightsaber on the other from
Grandma and Grandpa

Lightning McQueen Pez from Grandpa

C'mon Mom! Light the candles!!!

Yummm, ice cream cake!

He had a great day! He couldn't wait to get up the following morning to wear his new Dalek shirt from Uncle Derrick. He hated having to take it off to get his hair cut!

Silly boy's just as into Doctor Who
as his Mommy!!!

It seems like ice cream cake is the new birthday dessert in my house. What is your favorite birthday dessert?


  1. Be still my heart.

    Pillow mats, ice cream cake, and a freaking DALEK shirt???

    this kid has some really cool parents =)

    I'm so happy to have found another Doctor Who fan!

    1. Aww, thanks :)

      I was so excited to read your blog and see you're a Whovian, too! Yay!