Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family Time

This past Saturday was the first day in awhile where the sun stayed out longer than for a few brief moments, so we had to enjoy it while it was here!

Earlier in the week I purchased a 5-in-1 game set, which included badminton, volleyball, horse shoes, a frisbee, and a catch and toss game. Growing up my family always had a badminton net, and almost every summer night we'd go out and play after dinner until it was too dark to see. Ever since we bought our house, I've been wanting a badminton net so I can have these memories with my kids as well. When I saw the set for $15 at the grocery store, it jumped into my cart and begged me to bring it home!

Jump, Nate, jump!

Yay, she got it!

We had to get more rackets as the set only came with two...it's no fun standing on the side lines waiting for a turn!

Making memories

We also had to test out the other fun games as well :)

Frisbee with Daddy

What a face!

Good toss, Paigey girl!

Yesterday the kids (er, Paige and Ry; Nate has a stomach bug) dragged the babysitting kids outside after school and they played volley ball and badminton for two hours! I think this was a $15 very well spent :)

Have you enjoyed some sunshine lately?

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