Monday, July 8, 2013

Me vs. The Freezer

I love the unexpected. Things breaking, kids getting sick when we have plans, weather ruining plans....

Okay, not really.

The last Friday of the school year was a rough day. That morning, I discovered upon opening our big freezer that about four inches of frost/ice had covered everything overnight.

Defrosting in progress...

I wasn't sure if the door hadn't gotten shut properly the night before or if the freezer had decided it didn't want to work properly...but I knew I had to do an emergency defrost before I could discover the problem.

So the defrosting began...all while juggling getting kids breakfast and out the door on time for the bus, greeting parents, writing receipts for the week's pay, and entertaining 5 kids ages 4 and under.

Not my way to start a day.

Then a cat sprayed in the mudroom next to where the freezer is. I don't know which one did it (we have one cat, but are cat sitting two others for the summer), but I think they were a little upset that the floor was covered in water and ice.

My kitchen ended up getting flooded from all the water and melting ice as well.

Lots of food waiting to be cold again

I think my Friday was a Monday in disguise.

Things I can be thankful for now that this process was taken care of:

- The problem ended up just being the door wasn't shut properly. Yay for not having to buy a new freezer!

- The freezer is now super organized and we can find whatever we need easily.

- My floors were ridiculously clean after cleaning up all the water!

- The only food that had to be thrown out was a carton of ice cream; it had gotten put in the freezer on it's side, so it melted and leaked out the top. With all the meat we had just purchased and froze, it could have been a lot worse!

- It was a relatively cool day; if it had been hotter, things may have started defrosting while I was cleaning out the freezer.

I guess it wasn't so bad after all :)

Have you had any stressful moments lately that ended up being blessings in disguise?

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