Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Children's Day

Every year our church puts on a program called Children's Day. It's a Sunday in June where the kids host the service, deliver the sermon, play the music, and act as ushers.

This year Nate was an usher and recited a memory verse, Paige performed a piano piece, and the boys did the Doxology with their Sunday school class.

Paigey, Ry, Grandpa and Grandma watching Nate

Memory verse time with friends!

Nate and his best friend, J, as ushers

Looking at the picture of Nate and J as ushers helps me see why their classmates can't tell them apart!

I do have videos of Paigey's piano piece and the boys doing the Doxology, but I'm having issues with the sound on them. I'll see if Pete can fix them and hopefully upload them later.

My kids loved helping with the service, and as always, all the kids did an amazing job!!!

If you attend church, do they have anything that the kids get to help with?

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