Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankfulness 2013, Day 2: Nicky

Twenty years ago this school year, I met my best friend.

Man, I feel old saying that.

It was early in fourth grade, and our class had just moved from the elementary building over to the intermediate school building. I didn't know many kids in my class very well, so I was super nervous about this school year.

But then I saw it.

A Lisa Frank binder, just like mine.

I think this is what mine had looked like

It was a different picture, but still, whoever had a Lisa Frank binder must be super cool and have great taste, ya know?

We became fast friends, and her family became a second family to me.

Nicky and I have been thought of as sisters or even twins on occasion, have been known to spend six hours shopping for prom shoes (but go back and buy the first pairs we looked at), and have gotten lost in the city for an hour and a half just because we turned left out of a parking lot instead of right.

Out to lunch and a shopping trip on one
of her last visits to NY

We've gone long periods of time without speaking, either because we were hurt and upset about something or because we've just been so busy (mostly the latter, thankfully).

She was by my side the day I got married, and she has become a beloved aunt to my kids.

The girls (with a little Ry in my belly!)

We live far apart now (why must Florida be so far from New York?!?), but I know no matter what, if I need her, she's just a phone call away. She knows me better than a lot of people, and has seen me at my best and worst.

Okay, now I'm all teary and miss my girlfriend. Anyone have a teleportation device they'd be willing to let me borrow so I can get to Florida quickly?

Love you, Nicky!!! Thank you for being there for me :)


  1. Great post. I have a really good friend down in Florida, myself. Feel the same way about the distance.

  2. I love you gf and miss you so much!!! I definitely had that Lisa Frank binder, but I think it was the purple one (it only makes sense, haha).