Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Thankfulness

Hello, blog! How I've missed you.

It's been almost TWO YEARS since my last post, and so much has changed in our lives. I wasn't sure where to start posting, so I'll just start with 30 things I was thankful for in September, in no particular order.

  • Pete getting into the Master Teacher's program! It was a long process, and we are thrilled with the outcome.
  • New bus route. The kids started on a bus that came between 6:55 and 7 every morning. It was really full, so we have been put on another bus, and it now comes at 7:30. Those extra 30 minutes make mornings so much smoother!
  • Nate has started trombone lessons! He loves it, even though he thinks he sounds like a dying duck right now ;)
  • Lunch thermoses. We got the kids thermoses, and they love having hot lunches almost every day.
  • Teachers who push my kids to excel. Two of my kids are already being challenged in reading, either by getting put into an advanced reading group or having an independent study created for them. I'm so thankful for teachers who won't just let my kids be, but expect greatness from them. I love our school!
  • Cooler weather. It never got ridiculously hot this summer, but it was always hot on days I had to can food. I'm glad it's cooler so we don't bake in the house when I'm over the stove all day!
  • Free festival spots. I had the opportunity to set up my art booth at a friend's house for a local festival this past weekend and had a great experience!
  • Patience from my author and editor. I'm illustrating a series of children's books, and the author and editor I'm working with have been extremely patient with me as I work around having a family and other obligations.
  • Book #1 in the children's book series finally uploading! So many hoops to jump through and having to switch publishers wasn't the easiest, but we finally got it uploaded and ready to be proofed!
  • Book #1 proofs on their way! RV (the author I'm working with) and Jennie (his wife, who is the editor) got their proof yesterday, and I'm still anxiously waiting for mine!
  • Visiting with Nicky! My best friend was in town for a few days, and I got to spend a couple hours catching up with her at a coffee shop. 
  • Airborne. I came down with a cold, and this really helped me get over it quickly.
  • Homemade bone broth. The best for coughs and colds!
  • Freedom in my schedule. It's wonderful being able to run errands when needed now that I'm done with daycare, not when I can fit them into my babysitting schedule.
  • New windows! We had new windows put into our living room and bedroom, and they're amazing. We'll be looking into replacing the rest of the windows next year.
  • Book fairs. There is always a book fair during the kid's school open house, and we got some great Christmas gifts for them.
  • Crock pots. Hot and healthy dinners ready when we need them on busy days? Yes please!
  • Paychecks that show up a week earlier than expected. Love it.
  • Hurt toes that heal, even though they probably needed stitches. Yay for great clotting and healing!
  • Play dates for my kiddos. They have some great friends!
  • Texts for the bus. On the old bus route, the mom at the stop before us would always text us when her son got on the bus so we would have a 2 minute warning. It was great on days we were rushing!
  • Walks with my dog. We've been able to take some great walks, even up to 3 miles long because I have the time to do so now. 
  • Runs with my boy. Nate and I are starting to run together, just half a mile. It's helping him out in gym and great bonding for us!
  • Garden harvest. We had an awesome tomato crop this year!
  • Homemade roasted tomato spaghetti sauce. So delicious.
  • My office. It's nice being able to have a space to keep all my projects out and ready for the next time without worrying about having space for meals or kiddos touching my things. Plus it helps me focus!
  • Time for Bible study in the mornings. I've been doing some great studies through She Reads Truth either before the kiddos wake up or after they get on the bus.
  • Date night! It's great to have one night a month to just connect with my husband over dinner or a movie...or setting up my booth for a two day festival ;)
  • Air purifiers and....
  • Eucalyptus oil. Some oil in our air purifier in the mornings helps get the cold out of the head and chest and clears up the air. 

What were you thankful for in September?

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