Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Anyone who knows me knows that I love babies. I am a baby person. They're cute, squishy, and the best snugglers, and I don't share babies very well once I get my hands on them!

We get asked frequently if we're going to have any more kids, and at least biologically, we're done. The possibility of adoption is there, but we've decided that if we go that route, we'll adopt a child who's a little older, probably around the toddler stage.

This seems to confuse people, knowing how much I love little ones.

My main reason for choosing an older child?

The teething stage is mostly over by this age.

I hate teething. I hate seeing little ones in pain with them not knowing what's going on or why they hurt. They don't feel well because they get sniffles, maybe even ear infections, and it's hard for me to watch. It breaks my heart.

Now that my kiddos are 10 1/2, 8 and 5 1/2, it's been nice having that stage over...

...or so we thought.

A few months ago we had the kiddos at the dentist for their routine 6 month visit. Apparently Paigey had two of her 12 year molars coming in (almost two years early!), and Ryan had two of his 6 year molars coming in. They didn't seem bothered by the teeth, and we quickly forgot about it.

Then this past weekend came. Ryan was whining and crying about everything, no matter how small the situation was. I noticed he seemed to be chewing on markers while he was coloring, and then shoving his fingers into the side of his mouth. I asked him what was going on, and he said his mouth really hurt. I'm recovering from a bad head and chest cold, so I was worried he may be catching it or getting strep throat already.

I looked in his mouth, but didn't see any red throat. He said it wasn't his throat, but the side of his mouth. He let me put a finger in to check, and wouldn't you know it, he has the other two molars coming in on his right side!

A teething 5 year old is not as bad as a teething infant, by far. He's sleeping through the night, but not sleeping well. He's fussy during the day, but as long as he's taking Tylenol, he's able to manage himself.

But it's still hard seeing him uncomfortable.

Today he put on his Toothless hoodie that I made him for his Halloween costume last year:

"I wish I was toothless, Mom...my teeth really hurt."

But then he makes this face and it makes us both feel better!

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