Monday, April 10, 2017

Day One of House Beautification

Today was the start of our Spring Break, and to celebrate we're having fun doing house projects! Woo hoo!

Okay, maybe the projects aren't that much fun, but they've gotta get done.

We divided and attempted to conquer some outdoor chores today as it was going to be a warm, beautiful day. My husband worked on burning some brush and leftover wood from our shed project last year, and the kids either helped me work on weeding some gardens or they worked on picking up sticks. And with all the wind storms we've had lately, there are a lot of sticks.


It is soooo nice having older kids. They really can help out a lot, and we don't feel like we have to have both eyes on them at all times when we're working outside. They all worked really hard!

Ry's big enough to work the wheelbarrow!

However, they are young enough still that they get easily bored or distracted ;)

Caterpillar hunting...

...and a flower for Mommy!

The kids had their first picnic lunch of the year!

This afternoon we also went to Home Depot and got some supplies. We stocked up on paint brushes (gotta put the kids to work painting the porch, deck, and fence!), paint (six gallons, eek!), concrete for fixing the sidewalk, and a bunch of other little miscellaneous things like new outlets and tub cleaner.

We also went to look at not one but TWO houses! And we loved them both. However, trying to figure out all the details is....well, you'll just have to find out tomorrow on the blog ;)

And yes, we celebrated all of our hard work with a movie night! We enjoyed freshly grilled hot dogs while watching Sing. It was the perfect way to end such a busy day!

Momma and Ry snuggles

How did you spend your day? Have you started any outdoor projects this year?

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