Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Houses 2 and 3...and Where They Should Go

Yesterday we went and looked at two more houses in between yard work and errands....and we fell in love.

Both of the houses we looked at are at a modular/manufactured business, so basically we either get the particular house we tour or we get to design one similar, and then have it moved to whatever land we have purchased and they will install or build it for us.

House #2

We've been crushing on this house for about a year now, but finally just got to go tour her yesterday. And she did not disappoint!

The Good:

Curb appeal. She's gorgeous! We live in a plain ranch house, so we love the variety in her exterior. And the color really suits our tastes, too.

The master bedroom closet. Okay, so we don't need this much space, but a small walk in closet? Amazing.

The master bathroom. That tub! I have been wanting a deeper tub since we moved into our house, and this tub was perfect! It would be like having my own personal spa!

It also had double sinks, which isn't completely necessary, but it would make mornings easier when Ry and I have our teeth brushing parties ;)

The open floor plan. I love how the living room is so open to the dining room and kitchen! It felt so spacious and bright and welcoming.

The kitchen. So gorgeous!

It's a 2 story. We live in a ranch, and although we're not completely opposed to having one again, we'd really like a 2 story this time.

The second story would come unfinished, but it's almost 1000 square feet, perfect for an office space, play/hang out space, or an additional bedroom...or any combination of the three!

The mudroom/utility room. Seriously? This is the room where all the dirty things get cleaned up in? I'd be afraid to mess it up! But it's soooo pretty!

The Bad:

Bedrooms 2&3. They were kind of small, probably comparable to the ones at House #1. However, we could fit the loft or bunk beds and dressers into them, but that would be about it. Having the flexible second story and possible basement would make up for that small space, so their size isn't a complete deal breaker.

No place for a porch. We would love a big front porch, but there's really no place for one that wouldn't mess up the aesthetics. We could definitely do a deck behind her, so again this isn't a complete deal breaker.

The Ugly:


House #3

We weren't planning on looking at this house, but the salesman had said all of the houses were open and to go look at any one we wanted...and the kids wanted to do this one. And I'm really glad we listened!

The Good:

The kitchen. Again, so beautiful! And plenty of space for working and storage.

The open floor plan. I absolutely love how the kitchen looks into the living room. That's one thing I really wanted when we were house shopping the first time; I want to be able to watch movies on Fridays with the kids, but I'm usually cooking dinner, or just keep an eye on the kids as they play or visit with guests while we entertain.

The second and third bedrooms. These were the largest ones we've seen so far! They could definitely accommodate most if not all of the kid's current bedroom furniture and toys.

Fancy bathrooms. I loved the counter in the master bathroom! It only has one sink, which is fine, but it just felt really pretty in there. The second bathroom (which would be the main one and the kids would use it) was also gorgeous, and had a linen tower in there so the kids could easily get new towels or extra soaps, rather than have to leave the room as they have to do with their current bathroom.

Flexibility for extra space. We would definitely need a basement for this house, as I would need an office, the kids need a play/hang out space, and we need storage. We were saying that this house would basically be like upgrading our current house!

The Bad:

The master bathroom shower. Don't get me wrong, the walk in shower is drop dead gorgeous. However, this momma loves relaxing in a bath once in awhile, and I can't do that in a shower ;) The sales man did say that anything can be changed in the homes, and the walk in shower was definitely an upgrade. If we decided to get this house, I would definitely ask for a tub/shower combo!

The curb appeal. We loooove the blue and the peaks, however the white in the big triangle is a little distracting and just feels off to us. It might be something we'd want to upgrade to a window or figure something out with that space.

It's a ranch. While not being a complete deal breaker, we really were hoping for a 2 story.

The Ugly:

Again, nothing! Woo hoo!

Final thoughts:

The prices for the houses are actually pretty amazing. If the houses were already on land for those prices, I think we probably would be trying to figure out which house we'd be writing an offer on! However, the prices right now are just for the house, not the land, construction, basement, well/septic, etc. And that makes us a little nervous about going this route.

The blue house would probably be the house we'd go with right now if we were to choose between the two of them; the price would fit so much better with our budget, and really, is having a ranch that horrible of a thought? However, we do love the space of the green house, but I don't think we could make the price work for our budget.

And for those of you wondering about land, there is a plot that we found for sale that I drove past today. It is really really nice! It's about 4 1/2 acres, nice and flat, and ready to be built on.

And the view is pretty awesome too! Makes me want to sit and paint it all day!

However, to buy the land, buy the house, and then get it built and finished will be pretty expensive...so this option is on the back burner for now.

Which house do you like better, the green one or the blue?


  1. Green.... curb appeal and space to add on, and the tub and two sinks ... bedrooms typically are smaller these days..and it would give you extra space upstairs ;) ;) this helped us a lot when we sold our second home... resale ..resale resale..

    1. Great points! I keep thinking back to that house. Originally I thought I was more in love with the blue, but the green is really sticking with me! Now to just find tons of wiggle room in the budget ;)