Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Carpet!

When our realtor said that we should seriously consider replacing the carpet in the master bedroom, small bedroom and hallway, I have to admit I cringed.

I know, the carpets are old, stained, ripped, and just very sad looking. Just cleaning them up and trying a patch job probably wouldn't cut it. They are 23+ years old, after all!

But how much money were we going to have to spend to get it looking pretty? And was the money spent on new carpet going to have a good return of investment? While we do have some money set aside to fix up the house to sell it, I don't really want to dump a ton of money into the house, either.

The Thursday of Spring Break we actually went to a local furniture and flooring place to look at carpet and talk about getting an estimate. They did our church's flooring (which turned out great), so we knew they'd do a really nice job for us.

When we told the sales guy that we were looking for new carpet for selling our house, he showed us a sample of what their most popular carpet for situations like this was. Apparently they can't keep it in stock because it's so popular, and the sales guy even has it in his spare bedroom at his house. To quote the sales guy: "This carpet sells houses!"

I am not a huge carpet fan, but let me just tell you, I fell in love with this carpet. It is the perfect tan color with hints of dark brown in it. It's light enough to keep a room bright, yet dark enough to hide dirt, and the dark specks of brown will help hide lint and things in between cleanings. It's soft, yet super affordable.

And the best part? It's name is 'Cookie Dough'. That right there was the selling point for me! (I know, I'm weird...).

While the sales guy was writing up the estimation appointment order, Ryan was leaning his head on it, and Paige and Nate kept reaching over to pet it. I think they liked it, too!

The estimation appointment was actually scheduled for the following day (woo hoo!), but the guy was a no show. We waited and waited as we knew he had had another appointment, so maybe it was going late. Finally, Pete called in the early afternoon, and the guy was there but hadn't noticed a new appointment on his schedule. Oops! He came right out though, and was only here for a few minutes getting his measurements. He said he'd have an estimate on Monday (it was Easter weekend and he'd be away all weekend), but ended up calling us back that night with our estimate! We accepted it as the number was a lot prettier than we thought it would be, and the installation appointment was scheduled!

Well, today installation day! We opted to do the ripping out of the old carpet ourselves to save us a few dollars, so Pete, Paige, Ryan, and I tag teamed that on Sunday after church. With all four of us working, we were able to get it all out and cleaned up in two and a half hours! Not bad at all! Ryan loved helping so much that he says he hopes the new house has carpet so he can do it all over again.

We're glad that it was only a two day wait before the installation. All of our bedroom things (except the bed) moved into the living room, and all of Paige's things were in the dining room! Mozzie loved it, though, as he got to explore the tops of the bookcases for the first time.

The installers arrived at 9:30 this morning, and by 10 they had the tack strips and padding all down! They did have to leave for a little bit as they were double booked for today, but they still managed to finish everything by 2:15. That is super impressive, especially because they had the massive loft bed in Paige's room that had to be lifted and worked around.

The Loft Bed of Doom had to be lifted over the roll!!!
We are soooo happy with the new carpet! I wish we had done it earlier, just for us. It just makes the house feel so much nicer, it is so soft under our feet, and it's just so pretty. We're also really impressed because we had some issues with where the carpet meets up with the laminate flooring in a couple places (the laminate was the issue, not the carpet), and they totally fixed it for us.

I'm waiting to see who ends up sleeping on the floor tonight; Paige asked if she could sleep on her floor tonight (would have let her if she didn't have an early day tomorrow), and Ry has been known to sleep in the hallway. They've all been rolling around on it or just cuddling it this afternoon, so I'm sure someone will be on it when we get up in the morning!

Or maybe I won't have to wait until morning as someone's already camped out:

BIG NEWS! With the carpet install, we have our first room completely ready for selling!!!! WOO HOO!!! Okay, so it's just the hallway, but still, one is ready!!!!

No, Ry isn't sleeping in this picture, he just didn't want to have his picture taken again! But the hall is so pretty without chips in the walls, it's new art work, sparkling clean trim and doors, and of course, new carpet that doesn't have a huge hole in it!

Now we just have to pick out the new counter top, and we'll have yet another big project ready to go. I'm hoping the weather will continue to cooperate as there's a lot of outdoor work that needs to be done. And of course, the perfect house has to come on the market for us, too!

I hope you all are doing well! I'll be putting up more posts soon from last week, the kid's spring concert, and a completed room reveal, so stay tuned! :)

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