Friday, May 26, 2017

Spring Concert!

Paige and Nate had their Spring Concert on May 4th....and I am a slacker mom...I totally forgot to get a picture of them together before their concert!

We went out to dinner beforehand with my in-laws. We went to a diner a few minutes from the school, and the food is always amazing there. I think it might end up being dangerous for our budget and waist line living closer to it soon!

We wanted to make sure we beat the dinner rush, so we went early, and then ended up finishing waaaay before needing to be at the school. Sooooo we went to the frozen yogurt bar in Geneseo for a little treat!

Finally it was time to head over to the school. They did the concert a little different this time; they 3rd & 4th graders went first (like usual), but then there was an intermission before the 5th & 6th graders came on. This allowed for younger kids to go home, as well as a staggered seating time as the concerts are so well attended, there's not always enough room for everyone to be there the entire time. Even though we didn't have any kids in the first part of the concert, we still had to be there early as Paige was playing for part of the intermission.

Then was the elementary jazz band. Paige joined up after the winter concert, and absolutely loved it! They're always so cute, wearing sunglasses while they perform (even their conductor wears them!).

Next was the 5th & 6th grade chorus. Paige is about smack dab in the middle of the picture :)

And last but not least the 5th & 6th grade band. Nate, being a trombone player, is so hard to see, but you can just make him out in the middle of this picture...

Because it was May 4th, it was Star Wars Day! You know, May the FOURTH (force) be with you? Yeah, it's bad, but so funny :) The kid's band conductor said that they had to have the concert that night as she wanted to play the theme from Star Wars!

What was even more epic about this is that all the kids had to memorize the song so when it came time to play, all of the lights were turned out, and the only light was the 200 glow sticks that the kids had on stage as well as the lightsaber used for conducting! So. Amazing.

The kids showing off their glow sticks

It was such a great concert! We love the music program at this school, and the kids are really enjoying it. Next year Paige and Nate will be in separate concerts as Nate will be in the elementary concert still, but Paige will be in the middle school one. In three years, we'll be attending THREE different concerts!

Did you ever play an instrument? What was your favorite song you ever played? I played the flute, and one of my favorite pieces was the theme from Jurassic Park!

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