Wednesday, July 5, 2017

House #6

This is the house that has broken the "Shawna is refusing to look at any other house" problem.

Honestly, the main reason we went to go look at it is to check it off our list and say we looked and can move on. We love the 4 bedroom, 2 car attached garage, fenced in backyard aspect.

We really didn't like that it's only slightly bigger than what we have now, meaning the bedrooms or living areas are probably smaller than what we have now.

Also, it's a ranch. We have a ranch now, and there are definitely perks to it. But if we could choose, we'd probably choose a 2 story house. I did go on Pinterest and look up some ideas to make it have some curb appeal, and I loooove these porch ideas!

I love porches on houses!

But it's still a ranch...and we went and looked anyway.

We weren't there very long; we knew another group of people were coming in right after us, so we didn't want to be in the way or interfere with their viewing.

We walked into the breezeway, and it had plenty of space for us to put in a bench, lockers/closets for our coats, bags, and shoes, and it also had a door to the fenced in backyard.

The breezeway led up into the living room with the dining room on the right. Right away we could tell that it was going to be the living spaces that were smaller; the kitchen was also on the smaller side as well.

All four bedrooms were on the main level, and they were all a really really good size! We were shocked by that, and could make all of them work for us all. The boys loved the idea of having their own rooms! The master bedroom had the half bath, and in the hall was the full bathroom. It was small, but useable.

We went to the basement, and oh man, it's the basement of our DREAMS. It had a big space for the kids to play with two smaller rooms right off of it. One would be my office, and the other could be a guest room, exercise room, or even take the wall down for a bigger space for the kiddos. On the other side of the stairs was more storage, a walk out area, and the laundry.

The backyard could be accessed from the breezeway, basement, dining room, and it had a gate in the fence from next to the garage. When you walked out the dining room door, it was a big deck with a smaller deck that led to the pool. We were a little leery about they yard as it was only half of an acre, but the fenced in area seemed huge! It had a shed in a corner, the pool, a small swing set, an elevated playhouse for the kids, and a concrete patio that had a basketball hoop. We loved that Mason could run around loose with us, there was room for playing and a garden, and really have a space to enjoy the outdoors.

One of our favorite parts of the house was the view:

Just amazing.

We also checked out the two car attached garage, and there was definitely enough room for the vehicles, a work bench, and other things we have. The driveway was also big enough for vehicles to park (even with company) and not have to park in the garage as well.

There were so many things we loved about this house. But the thing we're really worried about is how small the kitchen, dining room and living room areas are. We could blow out a wall and redo the kitchen and dining room, but it's still small. We could have a small sitting area and have it mostly be kitchen and dining room upstairs, and then in the kid's area have that be the main living room space. But, then we run into the problem for reselling later and the cost of such a big remodel.

We're not completely against this house. It has so many of the things we are looking for, but that big project to make the living space work more for us has us not really excited about the house either, if that makes sense. We're continuing to think about it and keep it as an option.

Would you prefer a ranch house or two story?

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