Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Bucket List Bingo Update #1

We're about two weeks into vacation, and we're making pretty good progress on our board!

On our very first night of summer vacation, we did our movie night square! We had Pad Thai for dinner while watching Lego Batman.

On one of our crazy busy days (weeding and yardwork all morning then looking at houses #5 and #6 in the afternoon), we surprised the kiddos with Applebee's for dinner.

And then we did two boxes at once! We took Mason for a hike at the park AND picked wild blackberries all in one afternoon! We were tired of house projects and it was a gorgeous day, so we took the afternoon off for some much needed family time.

We also played at the playground for a bit afterwards.

And as you may have noticed, our board is all filled in with activities! We ended up choosing something that wasn't on our possibility list. On the way out of the park today, we noticed a bigger playground that we hadn't ever noticed before. Because we all love the park and it won't be in our backyard once we move (actually it's our front yard...), we decided going back to try out that playground would be the perfect last square in our board!

What fun things have you done so far this summer?

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