Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New House Inspiration: Paige's Room

Last time I revealed the plans we had for the boy's room, and it was requested that we reveal Paige's room next.

This reveal is a little different that the last one, though. Paige hasn't quite decided which wall option she wants to go with. She really likes both of them, but can't have them both. So, you all will get to vote and whichever one gets the most votes will be the one she goes with! (This was her idea, not mine!!!!)

Here's an idea of what her new room looks like now. It's about 11' x 12', so bigger than her current room at 9' x 10'. Her windows face north and west, and her closet is on the south wall right by her door. This room was originally going to be our room, but her loft bed only has certain places it can go, and either it would block a window in the other room or she wouldn't be able to get into the loft bed's closet. The only spot it could go and be fully functional without blocking a window was this room on the wall by the door.

The future home of the loft bed!

View from door; closet is just out of frame on the left

Paigey's room right now has a bright pale blue wall with accents of purple and pink. She loves it, but wants something more grown up (make it stooooop!). She has this comforter, and wants her room to be a rustic woodland theme based off of it. This is just a quarter of the comforter, but it's enough to give you an idea of our inspiration:

Brown will definitely be a small accent, and she really likes the blue. She's leaning towards teal a little more than the blue. Here are a couple of color swatches she's in love with:

If we can find a paint color between the second from the left on the tree colors and the second from the right on the nest colors, I think I'll have a happy girl!

Paige LOVES pillows. The more, the better. Not all of these are currently available, but we'd love to find ones (or fabric to recover her current ones) like these:

We're also going to be pulling up the carpet in her room, and she loves area rugs. Something like either of these would be awesome!

Paige is still deciding if her American Girl dolls are coming back into her room. They've been packed up for about a month now, and she said she hasn't really missed them. If she chooses to not have them in her room anymore, she has room for a hammock chair like we want to do for the boys, or a papasan chair. She loves these ones:

Another fun detail she's chosen are these hooks! I'm in love with them, too!

Curtains and blinds like these are our top option at the moment...but lace curtains would also be wonderful!:

And now is where we need your help!

Paige has two accent wall treatments she absolutely loves. The first is a pallet wall. It really suits the room's theme and will make it nice and cozy feeling for her room. The downsides are costs and it'll keep it dark, but it's absolutely beautiful:

The second option is a simple white tree or birch tree mural. It ties in her furniture (all white) more than the pallet wall does and is cheaper, but doesn't give it the cozy feeling she's looking for.

So what do you think: pallets or trees? Help us choose by letting us know in the comments below!

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